Jul 14, 2017

Defining Police Ethics

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Defining Police Ethics


Each student will be required to complete the term project, which is a 8-10 page APA Style paper. Your paper should have at least 5 pages of substance not counting the cover and reference pages. Please be sure that your paper is a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the assignment section as an attachment. Students will be required to use at least three scholarly - peer reviewed- sources. Students have access to peer reviewed sources through the APUS library. 

Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines. 

I will be using the writing rubric (see below) to grade all written work during the class. Please make sure that you are using the writing rubric to use as a checklist for all your academic writing in this class and throughout your educational experience at AMU.

Students must choose from one of the following topics for their paper: 

6. Defining Police Ethics

Students should choose one these topics and write about its relevance to police ethics. What are the major talking points about your topic that are important to review. Critically assess the literature on the subject. I am looking for critical thinking and a clear indication that you have a grasp of the literature.

Do not include quotes in your work. I want to see your critical thinking skills on display and not a string of quotes written by published authors. Your analysis is what is needed for a successful paper.

At this point in your educational journey you should have solid substance and proper academic formatting in your college level writing assignments. Students will be graded on both so make sure you turn in your best work.

Do not wait to the last minute to research, write, format, and edit. Proper time management is required to turn in a quality paper that highlights your criminal justice writing.

This a major assignment so follow the instructions carefully. 


Police Ethics Name: Instructor: Institution: 26th July 2015. They are conventionally supposed to be the upholders of law and order, the keepers and advocates of morality. The police are a very integral part of law enforcement. It is always their fundamental duty to serve and protect, with no compromise or favoritism. In the United States, and many other countries in the world, the police have been charged with the duty to provide internal security, as the army does the external duties from the borders. They are guided by the oath of office that they take upon getting their chance to serve, and the code of conduct, as per the respective code of ethics that guides the police force and the entire disciplined forces. It is often more important to look at the duties of a police officer through the basic fabric or skeleton that in entails. They have got the power to deny life, freedom or expression of an individual if they duly feel such is the best thing to do. As a result, their role is more often connected to the society, and the two are more or less interconnected and interrelated. However, even with the guiding blocks of the code of conduct and ethics, the police have been traditionally accused of numerous cases of misconduct and unethical behavior for so long in the past. High up among these include corruption, brutality and unreasonable search. It is out of such things that there is raised the question of ethical observation within the police force. A ...

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