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Dead Sea

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Discussion Questions: Dead Sea


Please read all FOUR essays and write an paragraph about each one telling what you liked about it, if you have any questions, and make sure you understand the physics involved.

Every type of mechanical wave is associated with some sort of medium or material. The speed and distance traveled by the wave depends on the mechanical properties of the medium. There are a few key terms that are needed to understand wavelengths. This will be described by the relationship that exists within these key terms (speed, wavelength, period, frequency). The wave advances a distance of one wavelength(Λ) during one period(T) so the wave speed(v) is given by v=Λ/T because frequency is given by f=1/T of the wave also equals the product of the wavelength and the frequency . Our ears interpret longitudinal waves as sound; loudness is given by amplitude, and frequency is given by pitch (the higher the pitch the greater the frequency). The above formula holds for longitudinal waves.

Whale sounds are interesting for a few reasons; there are two majors types of whale calls "songs" and "social sounds". Social sounds are done by both males and females, often on the mating ground. Songs are done exclusively by males often when they are escorting a female and their calf. In different depths or parts of the world, these calls sounds have different frequencies and speeds. This could be attributed to water temperature which could easily effect the speed of the waves, depth, and etc. However there are also theories that at different parts of the world animals speak in different languages or dialogues.

Discussion QuestionsNameInstitutionDiscussion 1I would partly agree with the writer. The writer does give as a picture of what of a mechanical wave and how it is calculated. The writer uses the words ‘one wavelength’ which from a scientific view is not very correct. A wavelength is measured in meters and it would have been better he had used one meter. This also applies to frequency whose unit is hertz, velocity whose units are meters per second and time whose SI units are second.I also would partly agree with the fact that our ears convert longitudinal waves into sound. As much as this looks true, our ears have a limit of the longitudinal waves they can convert to sound. Our ears convert longitudinal waves of between 20 kHz and 1 kHz. Longitudinal waves which fall beyond that cannot be converted so the writer should have been a lot specific.The write gives a case example of whales and I do agree with the fact that the density, temperature and pressure (depth) affect the frequencies and the sounds of the whale sounds.Discussion 2I agree with the writer of this discussion in most of the things. Ma...

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