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Culture Competence Questions: brief summary of your findings

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Culture Competence Questions: brief summary of your findings


. Go to website http://www.aafp.org/fpm/20001000/58cult.html Review this article “cultural competence” and print off the cultural competence self-assessment to utilize at your workplace. 2. Review the web site for cultural sensitivity. http://erc.msh.org/mainpage.cfm?file=9.1g.htm&module=provider&language=English. Complete the cultural sensitivity questionnaire. Click on the Icon that says "take quiz." Score yourself. You can also find this link in the external links page. 3. Do an additional library or web search for any other information related to cultural competence or sensitivity in the workplace (for the environment you work). Be prepared to share a brief summary (one paragraph) of the additional webpage or article you found in your response to the assignment 4. Conduct the printed off assessment in your workplace to determine if you or your workplace is culturally competent or culturally sensitive. Answer these questions : 1. What were your websearch/library search findings? Give a brief summary of your findings. 2. What was the most significant and/or applicable information you found? 3. Did you know that this type of information existed and if so, is this information utilized at your place of work currently? 4. Describe the assessment tool you utilized for the cultural competence assessment at your place of work. 5. Were you surprised at the cultural sensitivity questionnaire and your findings of yourself? 6. What is the cultural/ethnic breakdown of your workplace and your community as a whole? 7. In summary, what was the outcome of your assessment? 8. Were you surprised at what you found? What improvements can be made at your place of work to ensure cultural competence or sensitivity? 10. Do you believe your place of work practices cultural competence but does not effectively measure cultural competence outcomes? 11. Which concept of cultural competence or cultural sensitivity do you think is realistic for your workplace to adapt to. Can we ever be culturally competent? Or should we expect cultural sensitivity. Explain and give examples as necessary. 12. Is this assessment something you may propose to implement at your place of work? Why or why not.


Cultural Competence Name: Institution: Course: Date: Cultural Competence 1 What were your websearch/library search findings? Give a brief summary of your findings. Cultural competence goes beyond the aspects of accommodating persons that are considered of a different background. It is quite complex and does not just relate to the personal preferences and skills, but rather extends to even the organization and the community in general (Saha, Beach & Cooper, 2008). Service provision is, however, greatly impacted, with the reference to perceptions and the capacity to offer quality services. The health care sector, medical professionals and organizations they work for have to be based on cultural competence (Erc.msh.org, 2016). 2 What was the most significant and/or applicable information you found? The most applicable information with reference to cultural competence is significantly associated with getting to understand the patient in a health care setup. Patient c


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