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Cultural Adaptability and Spirituality

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Cultural Adaptability and Spirituality


Background: In this module`s case assignment, an age-old debate is about to hit home and you must prepare an argument! You have just learned the organization’s board of directors of a health care institution is about to vote on a policy to mandate the exclusive use of the English language in the work place. In other words they are going to vote on a policy that will require all employees to speak only English at ALL TIMES in the work place. This board action has come about as a result of increasing numbers of members of minority groups being hired by the organization and several complaints from employees and customers. Assignment: A group of board members believe in cultural and linguistic diversity, but do not have the background to present their argument at the board meeting. This group also knows that you are taking a cultural competence course and asks you to research the impact of such a policy, providing evidence from the literature. You are asked to provide the following information, focusing on the impact of the organization`s culture in a 3-5 page paper: 1. Rationale for and against this policy. 2. Benefits of cultural and linguistic inclusion. 3. Drawbacks of cultural and linguistic inclusion. 4. Propose ways all members of the organization`s staff can feel included and part of the company, despite your decision to accept or reject the proposed policy. ***Could you also use three peer-reviewed sources and Scholarly Writing: include a conclusion in every paper. The tone should be neutral. Avoid describing the culture in third person.

Cultural Adaptability and SpiritualityName:Institution: Introduction In light of the recent developments relating to the differences in cultural and traditional aspects, which are subject to the globalization levels in the domestic workforce, there is friction. In most of the working environments such as those in the health care centers, the workforce has grown increasingly diverse, as the cultural and political borders are rendered none existent. The war is not won as yet, given that there are differences those results from the differences in culture and traditions (Rivera Mindt, Byrd, Saez & Manly, 2010). This would explain the increase in attention towards the cultural competence studies and policies at the work place. Ideally, the study refers to the ability of the personnel to interact effectively with persons of different cultural backgrounds. Cultural competence is build around four crucial pillars, which include communication, time, calendars and team building. This paper narrows on the aspect of communication; specifically due to a policy introduced at work, requiring all the medical personnel to communicate in the English language regardless of their cultural footing.Rationale For and Against This PolicyWorking in a work environment that is predominantly within a country that uses the English language, it easy to see why a policy requiring the personnel to speak in English at all time. This way passing information is more accurate and not subject to distortion most of the time. At the same time, there is the element of formality at the work place as everyone is using the same language to communicate, mimicking a sense of order. Both the patients and the medical teams have an easier time communicating, due to the level of ...

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