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Critical Analysis of Case Studies

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Lessons Learnt: Critical Analysis of Case Studies


In this module`s case, you`re going to explore some of what passes for conventional wisdom in the domain of business intelligence application, probably noting in passing that first, much of the advice may be contradictory although delivered with great passion and enthusiasm, and second, most of it manages to avoid any real confrontation with traditional management structures and decision procedures and priorities, concentrating instead on ways of manipulating information to presumably work around the organization rather than allow itself to point out shortcomings in the organizations themselves. This is not a course primarily about organizational politics—there is plenty of time in the rest of your program to come to terms with the old reptilian sub-brains of the organization that perpetuate power differentials, reward distributions only vaguely related to organizational priorities, suboptimization of organizational resource utilization, and all of the other weirdnesses that pretty much guarantee performance and satisfaction shortfalls and failures. But, as you may have surmised, even though it`s not our main focus it is the key subtext for all these issues. Unless we openly acknowledge that decisions are largely political (in either the organizational or national sense) and that information is often more useful as a cloak for political priorities than as a substitute for them, the only ones we`re going to fool are ourselves.

Lessons to be learned from the Clinic and Resort cases about creating, implementing, and using Business Intelligence (BI)Name:Institution:Lessons to be learned from the Clinic and Resort cases about creating, implementing, and using Business Intelligence (BI)IntroductionIn today’s modern world of business, businesses have limited choices not to engage in the use of information systems when it comes to decision-making. In fact, information stands out as one of the most important assets for any business enterprise that aims to realize competitive advantage in the market place. For any information to be useful in a business setting, it has to be sufficiently managed; or rather organized, stored and strategically utilized. As it is, the concept of Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) has gained unmatched relevance and importance in business enterprises of all fields of operation and in all modesty. Concisely, BIS involves aspects of electronic reporting and sharing of information as well as analysis capabilities that culminate in desirable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) practices while maximizing Returns on Investments (ROI) (Liebowitz, 2006).Business Intelligence is an overall term that refers to an assortment of tools, architectures, applications, mechanisms and databases that facilitate flow and processing of information within an organization. They guarantee that appropriate decision-making is undertaken based on available data and time limits. This in turn results into invaluable benefits to the company in terms of cost reduction and value creation in addition to effective planning and forecasting of activities and or processes. BI offers organizations the much-needed capability to analyze and assess trends within the business environment hence ensuring sound decision-making and ultimately improved overall performance (Liebowitz, 2006).. One cannot decline to accept that pieces of information relating to customer needs and preferences, product develop...

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