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Corporate Aviation Proposal Outline

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Corporate Aviation Proposal Outline


So this is a big paper for this class. There will be two parts to this assigment. The first part is a outline instructions are as follows...

Before creating his/her 5-page Corporate Aviation Proposal, the student will submit a 1–2-page outline that provides the structure of his/her paper. The outline will frame the structure of the proposal, detailing its main ideas and supporting points, as well as the introduction, conclusion, and a minimum of 4 references. Current APA formatting must be used.

The second portion of this paper is as follows...

The student will prepare a Corporate Aviation Proposal for a business. The proposal should be professional and can include graphics and diagrams. It must incorporate information from 4 sources (including the textbook) and be written in current APA format, including a title page and a reference page. The body of the proposal must be at least 5 full pages in length. This assignment will be submitted through the SafeAssign link in Blackboard, and current APA formatting must be used. 

The book used for this paper is...

Cannon, J. R., & Richey, F. D. (2012). Practical applications in business aviation management. Lanham, MD: Government Institutes. ISBN: 9781605907703. 

Corporate Aviation Proposal Outline[Name of Student][Name of Professor][Course Title][Date]Corporate Aviation Proposal Outline * IntroductionThe basic aim of the department of corporate aviation is to impart efficient, safe and convenient mode of air transportation in order to help in attaining the goals and mission of an organization. The company’s flight department imparts a variety of communication and transportation operations, which, once initiated, become essential to the organization’s operations. * Travel Need AnalysisAs an engineering firm, employing approximately 300 employees; apparently it seems extremely fruitful for the firm to start its own corporate flight department. The firm’s engineering and sales staff also make considerable amount to trips to the nearby towns and cities, spending a significant amount of the firm’s financial budget upon the travel expenses. * Historic Travel HistoryCurrently, both the sales and the engineering staff of the firm make a lot of business trips on an annual basis. The travel cost which the firm encounters is $180,000 per year.b. Future Travel ExpectationsIt is being anticipated that the firm is planning to expand its business. Such an expansion will obviously come with an increased travel needs for the firm because the major emphasis of the firm’s business is upon its sales trips as well as site inspections by the engineering staff (NBAA, 2012). * AIRCRAFT REQUIREMENTIn order to meet the growing travel needs of the firm, it is now mandatory to initiate a corporate flight depart...

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