Aug 04, 2017

Corporal Punisment of children should be abolished and made illegal

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Corporal Punisment of children should be abolished and made illegal

turnitin proof of less than 10%. Strictly follow APA format. opposing arguement, body,and colclustion.
Corporal Punishment of Children Should Be Abolished and Made IllegalIntroductionCorporal punishment is defined as the intentional act of physically inflicting pain on a person so as to correct them. There are a number of ways to administer corporal punishment on children. These include: punching, shaking, hitting, slapping, pinching, kicking or even the use of various objects to cause pain. This is a practice that has been in place for a number of years in all countries in the world. It is not only practiced in schools as a method of instilling discipline but also in homes. There is a general and old perception that children can only be corrected their mistakes through punishment that causes pain. That means that without corporal punishment, there is a likelihood of having children who no longer abide by the law and commit all types of crimes. However, it should be noted that that era is long gone and outdated. Many countries and states have come out and abolished the use of corporal punishment as a method of instilling discipline to children. Those countries and states that have not abolished corporal punishment should do so because it is important to ban it and illegalize it for the benefit of children and the society at large (Donnelly & Straus, 2005).Abolishing corporal punishmentIt has been noted that there is a worldwide move towards the abolition of corporal punishment of children. This is aimed at abolishing corporal punishment both in schools and homes. Sweden is noted as the first country to take the lead on abolishing corporal punishment in 1979. Majority of governments all over the world are advocating for the abolition of all forms of corporal punishment imposed on children for several reasons. It has been indicated that application of corporal punishment in children has more negative effects than the positive ones. As a result, 33 states have abolished the use of corporal punishment on children in schools and at home. These states include: Portugal, south Sudan, Kenya, Spain, Poland, Tunisia, Albania, Congo republic, Greece, Uruguay, Netherlands, Venezuela, Togo, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Croatia, Ukraine and others. It should also be noted that many other countries and states are maki8ng the necessary steps towards the abolition of corporal punishment of children (Sky, 2013).In the United States, there are 19 states that the practice of corporal punishment is legal. The students who study in the schools of these states are subject to corporal punishment of all forms. However, there is an outcry for the abolition of corporal punishment in these schools since research has indicated that the practice does not improve the performance of students but reduces it instead. Studies have also indicated that students subjected to beatings and other forms of corporal punishment often report problems of fear, depression, anger and anxiety. It is stipulated that such problems may lead to ...

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