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Content and Functional Requirements

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Software: Content and Functional Requirements


For Module 3, you are to continue to work with the tutorial at Webmonkey.com. Please read through Lesson 3 [2]and Lesson 4 [3], and follow their steps for creating chapters 3 and 4 of your design document:

  • Identify Content and Functional Requirements
  • Group and Label Content
  • Metaphor Exploration
  • Set It in Stone
  • Define Navigation

This part of the tutorial concludes two parts:

“Create a new chapter in your design document called Content and Functional Requirements. Include a summary of the content inventory. Add a section about how the content is grouped and named. Add the list of functional requirements with a summary, if you like. The content inventory should be included as an appendix to the design document. Remember to publish these results so that everyone can see them.”

“Documentation time! Create a new chapter in your design document called ‘Site Structure.’ Write a summary or metaphorical explanation about the driving rationale behind the site structure. Add the site structure listing. If the site structure listing is too long, add a shortened form and include the rest as an appendix. Compile the architectural blueprints and add them to the design document. Document the global and local navigation schemes. As always, publish these results so that everyone can see them.”

Your “publication” consists of submitting your “results” in report form as your SLP 3 assignment.


Software: Module 3 SLP – content and functional requirements Name Course Instructor Date Background Ideally, websites developers need to have a statement of purpose that identifies the desired results and as well as features and functions that make up the web content. In any case, the website targets a specific group with user information proving vital details on how the users are likely to behave. The content is not only the text, but also the audio, video and images, which in the case of the intended site will be to inform users on automotives and accessories. This includes prioritized information that is likely to be the concern of the target market, since they require readily available information to make decisions. Other than this, is the priority placed on ah type of content focusing on the content size and information provided, users prioritize specific information and this should not be ignored when optimizing the functional requirements and content. Group and Label Content The information system architecture need to be well organized making it easier for the users to identify the information that they require (Dube, Bernier, & Roy, 2009). The car


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