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Draw some general conclusions about your analysis. What were the most interesting results from your analysis and discussion... Analysis is Attached

Over the course of ten years, July, 2004 to June, 2014, traffic patterns traveling eastbound on I-10 have remained constant with the exception of a few noticeable differences.  From looking at the daily traffic data over the ten years, at first glance it is easy to recognize a decrease in flow and a high density of vehicles from the beginning of July 2004 to around November of 2005.  It is assumed that construction took place during this time and may have closed down a couple of lanes, causing this decrease of flow.  Once the construction was completed, it was observed that in beginning of 2006 traffic speeds were back to normal with all lanes open and flows increased to a very efficient level.  Over the course of ten years, the speed remained constant around 63 mph, so for most of the analysis the traffic patterns were noticed from the difference in flow.  Trends were then noticed on a yearly basis, and stayed fairly similar until the summer of 2014.   The only main difference that was noticed was that as each year went by starting in 2006, less and less people were traveling eastbound on the freeway.  It is assumed that over time people were taking different routes to where they needed to travel.  The amount of cars traveling eastbound kept decreasing for a few years.  Starting around 2009 until the summer of 2014, trends stayed constant on a yearly basis which can help predict the traffic pattern of 2015.  Considering for about five or so years heading into 2015 the traffic stayed constant and the patterns were similar, it can be assumed that 2015 will follow this trend.  


    Conclusion Student’s name Institutional Affiliation Course Date Travelling patterns eastbound on I-10 have shown characteristics that can be said to show some similarities, as well as a few noticeable differences being caused by various circumstances. The analysis reveals a trend where there is a significant decrease in the flow and high density of vehicles between 2004 and 2005 due to the maintenance tasks that were being undertaken in the traffic department. The slow nature of traffic flow was associated to the construction work that led to the closure of a few lanes thus disrupting the normal flow of traffic. The tr


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