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Competencies of Advanced Nursing Practice

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Competencies of Advanced Nursing Practice


Independent Practice- Recognizes independent licensure of nurse practitioners who provide autonomous care and promote implementation of the full scope of practice. Independent Practice Competencies 1. Functions as a licensed independent practitioner. 2. Demonstrates the highest level of accountability for professional practice. 3. Practices independently managing previously diagnosed and undiagnosed patients. 3a). Provides the full spectrum of health care services to include health promotion, disease prevention, health protection, anticipatory guidance, counseling, disease management, palliative, and end of life care. 3b). Uses advanced health assessment skills to differentiate between normal, variations of normal and abnormal findings. 3c). Employs screening and diagnostic strategies in the development of diagnoses. 3d). Prescribes medications within scope of practice. 3e). Manages the health/illness status of patients and families over time. NONPF - 5 4. Provides patient-centered care recognizing cultural diversity and the patient or designee as a full partner in decision-making. 4a). Works to establish a relationship with the patient characterized by mutual respect, empathy, and collaboration. 4b). Creates a climate of patient-centered care to include confidentiality, privacy, comfort, emotional support, mutual trust, and respect. 4c). Incorporates the patient`s cultural and spiritual preferences, values, and beliefs into health care. 4d). Preserves the patient`s control over decision making by negotiating a mutually acceptable plan of care Reflect on these Independent Practice. Think about how you would implement this competency in a clinical setting. Consider evidence-based clinical practice. Write a brief description of the Independent Practice Competencies . With your competency in mind, explain how you would implement it in a clinical setting. Support your rationale with evidence from current research.


Implementing Independent Practice Competencies Institution Date Introduction Nursing practitioners requires higher level of training and education in order to employ the required independent practice competency in a clinical setting. Having the recommended competences and the practitioner`s ability to show that they have successfully achieved the competency required by national organization of nursing practitioner faculties are fundamental for independent practice. To be licensed as an independe...

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