Aug 09, 2017

Comparison and Contrast of Two Biographies

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Comparison and Contrast of Two Biographies

Write a 5-8 page critical essay compating/contrasting 2 texts from this course. You can choose from any of the following immigration narratives: The Jungle, Upton Sinclair Yekl, Abraham Cahan My Antonia, Willa Cather vs. Hunger of Memory, Richard Rodriguez The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston "In the American Society", Gish Jen "Once in a lifetime", Jhumpa Lahiri "Geraldo No last Name", Sandra Cisneros "Bi-lingual", Andrei Codrescu The essay should be decisively focused: on a theme or an issue; on two differetn scenes, or two characters; on stylistic or formal concerns - or any other meaningful point of dialogue between the two texts. A strong essay will: Construct a unified argument around a central thesis Mount its own argument, rather than summarizing the texts Make a develop a well-oraganized series of insightful, thoughtful, interesting points- and support them with well chosen examples from the texts (citing page numbers for all quotations) Reac meaningful conclusions on the implications of your analysis
Immigration Narratives:Comparison and Contrast of Two Biographies(Student`s Name)(Course Code/Number)(Name of Professor)(Date of Submission)Immigration Narratives:Comparison and Contrast of Two BiographiesIntroductionThroughout most the different civilizations and settlements of man, literature has always been man`s own unique form of historical documentation. Indeed, literature has always served as a type of record for man`s history, although the ways by which historical data are presented are different. Even though most forms of literature have elements of the author`s imagination in them, they are significant windows into how people lived during their time periods, whether they were delivered in oral, in written, or in other forms. This is especially the case for biographies, autobiographies, and historical novels wherein the said works describe the life of a person, especially in the context of the historical period it was written in.Certainly, biographies and some novels have served as powerful means of relating accounts of the life of immigrants, of people driven out of their homes by the need to survive, or to run away from tyrants who brought about suffering and pain to people. Two of such literary works include those of Richard Rodriguez and Upton Sinclair. In 1983, Rodriguez published his autobiography entitled “Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez”; while much earlier in 1905, Sinclair published his novel entitled “The Jungle”. These two works detail the life of immigrants who came to the United States with hopes for a better future and life, and transferred or driven out by circumstances.In relation, this paper will then in explore two literary works that speak of the life of the immigrant individual and community, both presented in the works by Rodriguez and Sinclair. This paper will first present a discussion of the context of the two books, as well as a form of background and overview. In the said process, the two books will be contrasted in terms of their historical backgrounds and significance. Afterwards, a discussion on the immigrant experience will be provided. The experiences, thoughts, behaviors, and others of the characters will be analyzed, criticized, and then contrasted to each other. After the immigrant experience has been explored, the next section of the paper will delve on a specific theme common between the two books. The said theme will involve the difficulties of migrating into the United States, especially involving the “high price” that a person has to pay in order to be finally able to live their “American Dream”. An overall comparison of the two texts will then be conducted, especially exploring the style, the overall, impact, and other mechanics of the two books. Finally, this paper will attempt to prove that based on the two different accounts of immigration narratives, it can be seen that a significant aspect of the immigration experience invol...

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