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Compare Assault, Battery, and Crimes against Persons

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Compare Assault, Battery, and Crimes against Persons


Review the following scenario in order to complete this assignment:
(A) is walking alone late at night when a man suddenly jumps in front of her and drags her into an alley. The attacker strikes (A) and rips her clothes. Fortunately, (A) hits the attacker with a rock and runs to safety.
Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research assault, battery, and crimes against persons.
Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
Compare and contrast the key similarities and differences between the crime of assault and the crime of battery. Provide one (1) example of each crime to support your response.
Determine whether or not the jurisdiction in which the crime has occurred should consider the man’s actions as assault. Next, determine whether or not the jurisdiction should punish the man’s actions as battery. Justify your response.
Suggest one (1) different fact pattern that would change the scenario from assault and / or battery to consensual touching. Support the validity of your response.
Consider the following change to the scenario. (A) is held against her will.
Discuss the crime of false imprisonment. Next, debate whether or not the suggested change in Question 3 would allow the court to convict the attacker in order to punish him. Provide a rationale to support your response.
Differentiate between the crimes of false imprisonment and kidnapping. Support or critique the notion that one of the two crimes is more heinous than the other. Justify your response.
Consider the following change to the scenario. (A) and the attacker are romantically linked and are having an argument. The attacker drags (A) in the alley to talk. (A) slaps the attacker. 
Debate whether or not (A)’s action would require the attacker to defend himself. Provide a rationale to support your response.
Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar type Websites do not qualify as academic resources.


Assault, Battery and Crimes against Persons Name Professor Date Introduction An assault is an act that threatens body harm and that is joined with an apparent and present ability to cause the harm. Battery is concerned with the right to have someone’s body left alone by others. Both battery and assault are crimes against persons. Crimes against persons refer to a wide range of criminal offenses that usually involve bodily harm, threaten to harm the body or other acts committed against the will of a person. The difference between the two is slight just as it is between crime of false imprisonment and kidnapping. There are similarities and differences between assault and battery and the jurisdiction the crime occurs may determine whether the defendant will be charged with either of the crime. The main difference between assault and battery is that, the case of assault is just a threat from the criminal to the victim and there is no physical harm while for battery t


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