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Comparative Research Paper

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Comparative Research Paper


This assignment will demonstrate your ability to compare and contrast information about early primate species in short essay format. This research assignment requires you to have a working knowledge of appropriate source material retrieval and the skill set to organize material in an appropriate format. Your task is to write a 3 – 4 page research paper in which you compare/contrast ecological conditions that contributed to the evolution of early primates. Your paper should include discussion of: Paleocene ecological conditions that contributed to selection for primate traits: Pleisiadapiforms Eocene ecological conditions that contributed to selection for true primates: Adapids and Omomyids Oligocene ecological conditions that contributed to the evolution of early monkeys: Apidium and Aegyptopithecus. Miocene ecological conditions that contributed to the evolution of early apes: Proconsul and at least one another early ape species of your choice. Apply the concepts of gene flow, genetic drift, adaptive radiation and how availability of food and appropriate habitats affected primate evolution from 65 million years ago (mya) to 10 mya. Your paper must have an introduction and a conclusion. Your thesis statement must appear at the end of your first paragraph. Your conclusion should demonstrate what you learned from your research. Requirements: 1) Name, date and subject at the top left corner of the first page. NOTHING ELSE. No title page or cover pages, no abstracts! 2) Papers must be typed, double-spaced, spell-checked and proof-read for correct grammar. 3) Use one-inch margins – no 1.25 inch margins. Adjust your default margins to 1-inch if necessary. 4) Use a minimum of three (3) reputable, college-appropriate sources to gather information**. No Wikipedia, no blogs, no children’s learning websites. 5) Use APA-format in-text citations for information that is not common knowledge. 6) Three pages of text minimum, four-page maximum, not including source page (source page is a separate, additional page at the end of your paper). 7) Source page must be written in APA format on a separate sheet. Papers without a source page will lose 5 points. **Use your textbook as one of your three required sources: Stanford, Allen and Anton’s “Exploring Biological Anthropology” 3rd edition.


Comparative Research Paper Student Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: In terms of age, the primates can be said to be quite recent animals relative to other species including humans. Most species that flourished millions of years ago became extinct long before the monkeys and their ancestors evolved. Many ecological conditions can be cited as the reasons as to why primates evolved over the years. These environmental conditions have similarities and differences that help in understanding the primates and also giving a scientific clue to the various types of primates which are in the world today. This essay is an overview of the ecological conditions that contributed to the evolution of the primates and the effect they had on them. The first mammals that looked like primates evolved in the early Paleocene Epoch dated around 65 million years ago. They could be approximated to squirrels in size, shape, and appearance. They were called plesiadapid forms. The 43 million years of the Paleocene period r


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