Jul 21, 2017

Common Grounds

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Common Grounds


1. Scenario: After initiating the takeoff, your aircraft accelerated due to having a light load for that flight. During the takeoff, a C-182 crossed the runway downfield on what appeared to be Taxiway Romeo. The C-182 was crossing the runway at a rapid rate, and by the time you saw it downfield, it was crossing the center of the runway. You were at or near V1 at this time, and seeing the aircraft clearing the runway you elect to continue. You rotated and were off the ground prior to reaching Runway 5/23. You contact the tower after arriving at your destination and was told that the C-182 was instructed to “taxi and hold short” twice. On both occasions the pilot read back the taxi and hold short instructions and still failed to hold short of your runway (ASRS No. 823234). Aircraft Involved: Dash 8, Cessna 182 Discuss this safety report and any similar incidents identifying the associated risks, latent errors, and hazards associated with taxiing. What mitigation would you recommend and identifying ‘best practices’ to prevent incident/accidents of this type, as well as noting what the FAA, NTSB and LUSOA has to say about this.

Comm. ground 1NameAffiliationIntroductionIn any civil aviation department, safety is one of the primary goals. Among the primary goals, runway safety component is even much more critical among all the other components. Nowhere should aircraft be in close proximity to another aircraft as well as other obstacles like, pedestrians, vehicles airport equipment and structures. The objective here is to minimize wrong runway departure and the risk associated with the runway incursions. It is also aimed at addressing possible errors committed by air traffic controllers, pedestrians, vehicle operators and most importantly those errors committed by pilots. The objectives can only be achieved through improved technology and infrastructure as well as focusing more on awareness and outreaches. This paper squarely addresses the latent errors, hazards and risks that are associated with taxing as well as the mitigation and the best possible practices to prevent runway accidents or incidents. To help us address this, we shall analyze the safety report in the C-182 scenario and other similar incidents.According to a report from NTSB, most of the aircraft accidents and incidents especially along the runway could be blamed on pilots through errors committed by them. However, I think the aircraft safety cannot be left to pilots only. The responsibility for safety along the runway and aviation safety at large begins right at the top of the airline company and its management. History has repeatedly shown that without the topmost management level in a company being completely committed, the margins of operational safety tend to be seriously eroded. Although this does not mean that aircraft of such a company is going to have an accident, the fact is that there is a high chance or risk of getting involved in accidents- laws of probability always prevail. The management of any airline company has significant leverage in influencing the operational safety and efficiency within that particular company. This is so as the actions and attitudes of the management will always affect the actions and the attitudes of all the other people working within the company (Cardosi, 2002).Human error is normal and sometimes inevitable. In the C-182 scenario, several things happen. An aircraft is being accelerated during takeoff due to the fact it has a relatively light load. Immedia...

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