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Commemorative Speech

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Commemorative Speech


I`m looking to give a commemorative speech, which is a speech of praise and dedication for a specific person. And the person I want to dedicate and praise is Harriet Tubman ( you can use Wikipedia for your source) , I have indicated to use one source and that`s Wikipedia. The instructor is very strict with plagiarism so please all the word structure or the whole essay should be from scratch . Please take care. 

So I ordered two page essay because the instructor has asked me to provide one essay that I will read out loud and the second one I will submit for her to grade. But they are the same topic but different structure.

1st essay is the one I`ll read out loud to my class so its manuscript.

It should not deviate, it should envolve a research. It should not have introduction just go straight to the point( I`ll give you some exanple essay.) a biography is required! , the speech essay should have poetic rythem. It should not be too informational but more conversational. I have 3 minute to read it so just the main points only.

2nd essay , this is the same topic, but this is the one I will summit so it has to be a little different.

1st it should have a title.

2, no introduction but we have to let her know who we talking about in the middle of the essay. So you will start with out mention the name of the person we talking about. (Will give out sample essay)

3, after the introduction it should have atleast three intangible ( thesis) 

4, use general devices to elevate the essay such as simile, metaphors, rhythm , parallelism, repetition, alliteration, antithesis,

5 never use cliche, ( over used expression) 

6,It should be reserch oriented 

7, it should be more of conversational essay rather than informative. 

Some exanple speech, 1, massechuttes 54

2, the survival 

3, make a wish

4, elie Wiesel 

I need this essay by Friday morning.


Harriet Tubman Name: Institution: Course: Date: Harriet Tubman Even in the male dominated world, there are women that have set the trend for the rest of the world, beating all odds. They have changed the course of history with their endeavors to make the world a better place, not just for the womenfolk, but for every person in their generation and others to come. Getting global recognition as a woman is no mean fit and more so getting to be remembered in history is subtle and humbling at the same time (Biography.com, 2015). Slavery has been one of the cruelest acts of human violence and undermines the basic rights of any hum


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