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Climate Changes in Canada

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Climate Changes in Canada


Topic of Paper "Impact of Climate Change on the Biota in the Region of Canada in Which I Live" This major essay is to be between 2000-3000 words. You may include graphs or figures to provide additional information. I live in Hamilton Ontario. ALL WORK MUST BE CITED USING IN TEXT CITATIONS FOLLOWED BY A REFERENCE PAGE AT THE END OF THE PAPER. The topic Impact of Climate Change on the Biota in the Region of Canada in Which I Live is chosen to be deliberately broad so you have the choice of writing a general survey or, more likely, to choose a more specific topic encompassed by this title. For this assignment, Canadian environment means the subjects covered by this course such as biomes, agriculture, forestry, effects of contaminants on living organisms, water (lakes). You may choose to write about causes, effects, attempts to mitigate effects, or potential and actual adaptations to climate change. Since ideas on this topic are constantly changing, access to reliable websites may be useful. A few websites have been provided below but feel free to use newspapers, magazines, libraries, encyclopedias and other websites. BUT REMEMBER ALL WORK MUST BE CITED AND THERE IS NO LIMIT TO REFERENCES TO BE USED www.nrcan.gc.ca/ecoaction http://canadaonline.about.com/cs/climatechange/ www.climatechange.gc.ca http://nrcan.gc.ca/environment/impacts-adaptation www.ramsar.org/ http://gateway.cotr.bc.ca/Canada/C-CIARN.asp www.climateontario.ca/ www.ene.gov.on.ca/environment/en/category/climate_change/index.htm

Climate Changes in CanadaName:Institution: IntroductionIn the recent years the world has woken up to the effect of the climatic changes. As man tries to bring about development, most of the efforts have come with dire consequences. For some time the effects were ignored until Mother Nature came back with revenge. The last three to four decades have seen a rise in the temperatures across the globe, at the same time there are rising tides, biota is experiencing a shift in the natural ecosystems as well as erratic weathers changes leading to natural disasters such floods killing millions and destroying billions worth of property. Of importance is that, the trend is yet to be averted as developing countries and the developed countries are caught in a tussle over who is to blame and who should be repaid for the damage. It is clear that the vast of the damage can be attributed to industrialization and massive developments that are not sustainable in nature, at the same time it is the countries that are not as developed and those that have their natural ecosystems intact that are taking the blunt of the folly.Canada is one of the countries in the west that highly depends on the natural ecosystem for the better part of its economy. It is no wonder that it is also one of the countries that is feeling the bite on the climatic change (David Suzuki Foundation, 2014). Much of the changes are attributed to the high rate of production of the green house gases, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, wastes and the land use changes that have taken place in the last few decades. Little has been done to bring back the balance in nature that once existed, as more people and industries result to inefficient technologies. A lot still needs to be done other than the use of efficient technology, there should be proper policies in place about the record and reduction of the green house gases as well as adoption of the green economy approach in all the areas of the Canadian people (Ec.gc.ca, 2013). That will not be all as the rest of the global community also needs to be brought to speed about the best practices and ways to mitigate the disaster in waiting. This is a global problem and has to be solving with a global approach. However, it is the duty of Canada as a conscious country to start off the rest of the world and hope they also take note conform to the policies and practices and then make amends.Canada at the Center of Global Climatic Changes By the year 2006, the rise in temperatures had been recorded for the 30th year in a row. This increase in temperature was increasingly melting the glaciers and the polar ice, while at the same time raising the water level in the seas and oceans. Much of the evidence point towards a man induced climatic change other than natural variability in the climate patterns. This is a theory that has been backed by most of the credible scientific bodies, such American National Academies, British Royal Society as well as the Interg...

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