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CIO Chief Information Officer Response Assignment

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CIO Chief Information Officer Response Assignment


Dear Sir/Madam 
Here is what is the CIO report about and instruction to be follow .
Tasks to be undertaken:
1. Select a Chief Information Officer (CIO) interview from Computer Weekly (see http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240236890/Top-10-CIO-interviews-of-2014 for examples). 
2. Read carefully and reflectively and identify themes and views (see example)
3. Investigate and briefly overview company’s recent IT history prior to the interview.
4. For each theme:
Explain the theme, clarify and define any terms; 
Expand with reference to stories and sets; 
Set in the context of recent IT history of company;
Critically appraise the CIO’s view, strategy and approach to the stated theme. What do you think about what is said? What are the positive and negative points about the theme? 
5. From investigating the background of the management of information systems in the company identify any issues and problems which you think the CIO should be addressing. I.e. What is not said? The CIO will wish to be seen in a positive light and there may be issues that are not mentioned.
6. Give suggestions for future strategy and direction that you think the CIO should pursue. 
Use the most recent CIO interviews e.g. 2014, 2015. If using an older interview, reflect briefly in the future strategy section on progress made since the interview.
You must demonstrate critical appraisal of the CIO’s ideas and beliefs. 
You must address themes with reference to stories and sets presented in the module.
Deliverables to be submitted for assessment:
The essay should be between 1500 and 2000 words. It should be sectioned: Introduction to IT at the company. Theme sections. Missing Issues. Future direction.
Paul Coby CIO Interview 19th February 2015
1.Omni channel experience. Multi channels of shopping same process and experience for shopper. Seamless.
2. Investing in core systems
3. Importance of supply chain systems. Supply chain agility. 
4. ERP implementation, systems integration, replacement of 60 legacy systems.. Pioneer. Sequential releases until 2019.
5. Multiple suppliers. Oracle, IBM’s Sterling Order Management system. Saleforce.com
6. Control passed from IT to the online business, what does this mean?
7. Concept of major but incremental .. once every four weeks. Is this agile? Management of releases. No one big change.
8. Importance of capacity management in preparation for Black Friday. “biggest week, the biggest day, the biggest hours and probably the biggest minute as well on our business during that time.” Forward planning, tuning. Teamwork, working with suppliers.
9. Concept of three lane motorway. 
10. Innovation as fast lane. JLab Working with LocalZ Room Y. “Knocking things to death”
11. Business analytics Caution. Issues concerning privacy, use of customer data by business is leading to caution.
12. Need for perspective and long term vision.


CIO Chief Information Officer Name Course Instructor Date Introduction to IT at the company Unilever, a British-Dutch company has expanded its operations globally Jane Moran was recruited from Thomas Reuters to serve as a CIO similar to her previous position (Boardroom Insiders, Inc, 2015, p.1). As a global consumer product company, there is a need to integrate the information system of the company. Unilever had a decentralised information technology system, but with Moran at the helm, the company has sought centralization of core operations to manage the business requirements and meet technology solutions (Boardroom Insiders, Inc, 2015, p. 3). The company has over 400 brands and it supports innovative technology development, where IT solutions are standardized to drive the IT agenda. The theme sections are based on the main points in “Interview: Jane Moran, global CIO, and Unilever – the most influential person in UK IT 2014.” Theme sections Role of innovative technology in business Moran advocates for the leaders to adopt innovative technology, organizations are more competitive when they have innovative products and services that differentiate them from competitors. The CIO has identified 3d printing and the internet of things as some areas where Unilever will collaborate with IT market players to meet the IT demands of organizations and find tangible solutions to business needs (Mari, 2014). Unilever’s information technology emphasizes the co...

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