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All of the questions are discussion-type questions. Go beyond simple factual information: explain / compare sufficiently to demonstrate a depth of understanding.

  1. You have just moved from Jawbone Junction1 to Midtown, a mid-size

Midwestern city. Your friends from Jawbone have recommended that you contact their

cousins in Midtown, and so you are getting together for lunch with Lucy Luddite and

Stomper Stella (FYI: “Stomper” was her nickname during her roller derby days).


During lunch, the rambling conversation about hot weather and air conditioning costs ends

up in a discussion about ozone depletion and the Antarctic Ozone Hole. Lucy suggests that

the fact that stratospheric ozone depletion is still an issue indicates that the cutbacks in CFCs

and related compounds came too slowly and that stratosphere may have been permanently

damaged. Stomper scoffs at this and says that everyone has already gotten rid of CFCs and it

hasn’t made any difference, so the scientists obviously were wrong about what was causing

ozone depletion. You listen to them carefully, and respond:


Key: Critically / scientifically evaluate each of their viewpoints. In what ways are Lucy’s

and Stella’s comments (at least partially) correct, and in what ways do they indicate

misconceptions? What can you say to straighten out their (mis)understanding of the issues?

What are your own viewpoints (and why)?


  1. Answer TWO of the following

2a. One of the methods for power plant emission controls discussed in the assigned readings is

“biased firing.” What is its purpose, and how does it work (underlying science)?

2b. Your city is considering building a new electrical power plant. A friend of yours says “We

should go with natural gas – it doesn’t produce any emissions except for CO2 and water.”

Evaluate this statement. (Do not consider the cost of natural gas versus coal, and don’t worry

about CO2 for this question.)

2c. A mid-size city in a developing country is currently utilizing a coal-fired power plant with no

emission controls. The city would like to retrofit the power plant with some sort of pollution

controls, but has the budget to address only one pollutant (NOx, SO2, or particulate matter).

Which of these do you think should be addressed first, and how? There is no one correct

answer: Take a position and explain your reasoning.

2d. Describe the science involved in the Volkswagen emission scandal.


  1. (Extra credit: 0 points) Despite international outcry, Godzilla was never nominated for an

Academy Award for his portrayal of Man’s Friend in Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster. Explain

this outrageous snubbing of one of Japan’s premier character actors in terms of geopolitical

factors and public sentiments during the Cold War era. Provide supporting data.

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