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Chinese Dynastic System and Unique Culture Research

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 Chinese Dynastic System and Unique Culture Research


TOPIC: Going through Chinese history, one quickly finds how long the dynastic system lasted. What are the reasons for its longevity? What are the similarities and differences between Chinese dynastic system and that of Europe? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this paradigm?
Your essay should be a combination of academic research and critical argumentation. No matter what you choose, narrow the focus to enlarge the impact. Be critical of the sources in your research to see if they are balanced, relevant and current. The length is 8 pages long, exclusive of your notes and bibliographies.


Chinese History Name: Institution: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Chinese history Chinese Dynastic System China’s history is wide and complex, characterized by dynasties with own unique culture. Traditional China had 83 dynasties plus 559 emperors, and has the world’s oldest and most influential civilizations (Tsin, 1995). Lasting from 1122-211 BC, the Zhou Dynasty is recorded as the longest ruling dynasty in Chinese history (Tsin, 1995). The shortest ruling Chinese dynasty was the Qin Dynasty, which lasted for 15 years. The history of China records Emperor Kangxi as the longest ruling emperor- he was the second ruler of Qin Dynasty and reigned for 61 years (1661-1722) (Tsin, 1995). On the other hand, Emperor Modi of Jin was the shortest ruling emperor (ruled for one day) and was the last ruler of Jin Dynasty. In China’s history, Yuan Dynasty owed the biggest territory, covering over 12 million square kilometres (Tsin, 1995). The southern Song Dynasty is believed to have the smallest territory. Wu Zetian was the only female emperor in history of China. Zetian ruled the Tang Dynasty and during her reign, Chinese Buddhism reached its peak and influence. Chinese history records Puyi as the last emperor, ruling Qin Dynasty (1908-1912) (Tsin, 1995). The most powerful dynasties in history of China are Tang and Han Dynasties. Both of these dynasties had strong influence on political, economic, and cultural impacting on neighbouring countries. Several factors ...

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