Aug 06, 2017

Chinese Ancient Religions and Philosophy on Korea

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Chinese Ancient Religions and Philosophy on Korea

Length: minimum for entire essay is 2500 words, about 10 pages typed, double spaced. There is no maximum length. Place word count on title page. Criteria of evaluation: A. Depth of research, this involves an accurate general perspective; command of detail on your specific subject; understanding of strong evidence, if any, against your view; and suitability and strength of sources. B. Organization, this includes clarity, logic (there should be a logical connection among the points given in your essay), unity (maintenance of same theme throughout the whole, or a large section of the essay), coherence (smooth link between minor sections of the essay), and correctness of form (e.g., having foot or endnotes, a bibliography, the use of proper grammar, etc.). C. Original thinking, you are strongly encouraged to put forward and support your own original thinking. Original thinking often makes the difference between an outstanding and an average essay. Above is the requirements of the essay This is East Asia history class and I am thinking to write about the religion and philosophies in China and such as buddhism, taoism, and etc. and how it impacted Korea. I want to write about how the religion from China affects Korea, how it got into Korea, what role did religion played in Korea`s society, economics, and etc. , how people adopt to those religions, and etc. Since it is a history class, current events or current history has to be less than 20% rest of them has to be from old events in the history. Use a text book called "Heritage of China `Contemporary Perspectives on Chinese Civilization`" Edited by Paul S. Ropp as one of the source if possible I also need a rough draft in 3days so please send me a rough draft less than 3 days so i can show it to my professor. Thanks
Chinese Ancient Religions and Philosophy on KoreaName: Eun Ae Rim OverviewThe paper aimed to investigate the impact of ancient Chinese religious beliefs and philosophies on Korea. Studies on Chinese culture show that the culture was considered more advanced in East Asia. Thus, this paper highlighted Chinese influence on Korean culture. Buddhism and Confucianism were the foremost belief system which impacted on Korea. Socially, Koreans adopted a hierarchical structure through adoption of Confucianism. Taoism mainly influenced the practice of meditation and veneration of ancestors. The proclamation of Chinese religion by the Korean nobility provided the impetus for Korean adoption of Chinese culture. Nevertheless, Koreans did no abandon their culture entirely as traditional beliefs still persisted in the community.IntroductionAncient Chinese culture was profoundly influenced by numerous religions and philosophies. Historically, Confucianism and Taoism were ethical moral code of conduct for people and officials. The two originated from an era in which philosophical thoughts dominated most parts of China. In essence, Taoism advocated for inner peace and harmony with the surroundings. On the other hand, Confucianism proposed various ways in which people were supposed to behave. Confucius the founder of Confucianism asserted that a society had to follow certain set rules in their relationships for harmony to prevail in the society. Additionally, adherence to Confucianism would lead to political stability. Buddhism is a religion with roots in India but grew more prominent in China. This paper focuses on ancient Chinese religion, philosophies, there historical evolution and impact on Korea.The Korean people live in the Korean Peninsula bordering China and Russia to the North and Japan to the East. They originated from the region between Ural and Altaic Mountain in Northern and north central areas of Asia (Lee, 1997). The Chinese culture had a profound impact on Korea because of early civilization in china and the geographical proximity between the two. Koreans living in the Korean peninsula share similar cultures and are ethnically distinct from the surrounding people. Thus, many dynasties sought to create lasting kingdoms to ensure stability in the peninsula. China conquered the Choson Empire in 109 BC which began the process of adoption of Chinese culture in the Korean peninsula. There was resistance of the Chinese influence in parts of Korea, but Buddhism became the most influential due to association with the Chinese. Korea began importing Chinese art and architecture and meanwhile Korea also sent students and scholars to China, who studied Confucian writings. According to Ivey (2008) Confucianism has been present in Korea since the Fifth century and has the most profound impact on Korea`s way of life especially during the Yi dynasty (1392-1909).Confucianism Revered Chinese philosopher Confucius lived between 551- 479 B.C.E, in an era whereby the s...

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