Jul 16, 2017

Child Obesity and Poor Parenting Skills

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Child Obesity and Poor Parenting Skills

  1. Open with a personal example, quote, question that dramatizes your issue
  2. Preview the problem (context via factual argument)
  3. Define any and all key terms (definitional Argument)
  4. Discuss any causes/effects that also indicate a need for change (causal argument)
  5. Summarize the crux of your  argument (your claim: ____should _____because _____)
  6. Assess the current state and use fieldwork, sources, etc. to enhance your credibility—here you’re evaluating
  7. Discuss who your proposal will immediately benefit (give examples)
  8. Discuss who your proposal will eventually benefit
  9. Discuss counterarguments or possible objections of your proposal
  10. Offer specific suggestions for action
  11. Levels of action: individual OR community OR government OR just one level
  12. Conclusion 

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Child obesity and poor parenting skills Introduction Whenever one is in the public spaces there is a way that they are supposed to conduct themselves, which is generally take to be the personal manners. These are habits that trickle down from what our parents have taught us plus what all figures of authority around us enact in us as we grow up. As such, when a child misbehaves in public it is their parents that are at shame and is to blame for their lack good parenting skills. It is rarely the child, the person seated next to them, the government or the food store where the child is portraying the poor parenting skills of their parents or guardian.Why is it then that when a child is obese the blame is placed in the fast food stores and the adverts that are cast on the public spaces, the internet and in the television? Why is it that their guardian is absolved of all the blame, while they are the ones who are responsible for what the child take on a daily basis? Problem Justification Most of the research point towards the fact that fast foods are the reason that most of the children are obese. This is the case among other factors such as inactivity and genetic lineage of the children. However much of the blame is placed on the fast food companies such McDonalds, citing that their foods are not healthy and they may lead to health complications in the future for the majority of the population. According to the Center for Disease Control and P...

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