Aug 05, 2017

Chaucer Was Not A Sexist

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Chaucer Was Not A Sexist

I need an argumentative essay regarding Does Chaucer`s depiction of the Wife of Bath and the tale she tells in the Canterbury Tales qualify as sexist? My opinion is that he was not a sexist. Guidelines for the finished product: - Arguments must be supported by quotes from Canterbury Tales; - Essay must contain at least 5 paragraphs; - Essay should clearly argue for one-side of the issue at hand; - Essay should address and refute potential counterclaims made by the opposition; - Essay should be free of all grammatical errors; and - Essay should include Introduction, thesis, supporting arguments, conclusion, etc. Argumentative Essay Graphic Organizer: 1) Introduction: Introductory Sentence, Background information, Thesis (Position for/against and 3 "key words" for support) 2) Body #1: Reason #1 (Topic Sentence), Quotation/Source, Explanation, Concluding sentence. 3) Body #2: Reason #2 (Topic Sentence), Quotation/Source, Explanation, Concluding sentence 4) Body #3: Reason #3 (Topic Sentence), Quotation/Source, Explanation, Concluding sentence 5) Rebuttal: Summarize the key argument(s) or position of the other point of view (for or against) - Objection 1, Explanation; Objection 2, Explanation; Objection 3, Explanation; Concluding sentence; 6) Restated Opinion (hint-reread your introduction and thesis), Powerful Ending Statement.
Name:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due:Chaucer Was Not a SexistIntroductionMany people argue that the re-known author Geoffrey Chaucer was a sexist. Their assumptions are based on his various literary works. His writings in the Canterbury Tales have received various criticisms ranging from, degrading women to treating them poorly. In his “wife of bath” piece, there are occasions when women are made to appear as being loose and too willing to men. On other occasions, he makes these women look like queens. Through various characters, he shows how these women are capable of making wise choices in their lives. The choices may range from whom they would like to make sex with, and various other judgments. A closer outlook in the Canterbury Tales shows that, Chaucer looks upon women positively. This is because he characterizes them as being somehow empowered. This paper explores the factors that makes Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of the Wife of Bath`s Tale,” appear as a non-sexist. Key words: Chaucer, shows, Geoffr...

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