Aug 03, 2017

Character design assignment

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Character design assignment

Course name: Animation and Theory Assignment name: Character design and cycle animation There are two aspects to this assignment, one technical and one theoretical.The technical aspect focuses on character design and animating a cycle of activity by using Adobe After Effects. The theoretical aspect is a 750 word essay which is an analysis of how character design reflects personality according to animation theory. I`ve done the technical part of this assignment, please help me do the theoretical part. ->Please check the link below of my character walking cycle. ->Please see attachment for my character design sheet. -> Brief Ideas about my character design: - I use myself as the model to design this character called "Mia Doll" - For showing my "outgoing"personality through this character, I give her a colorful dress, a happy look and rich body movements. - I designed a colorful and bright background in which to make her characteristic more standout. - Since I study in a foreign country, so I want to give her a more global cultural style. She`s walking on the earth, all buildings passing to her, no matter where she goes, she`s happy and cheerful. - all the rainbow and clouds are just decorations, you can write whatever you want to help fulfill the essay. So, for the theoretical research essay: The theoretical aspect is a 750 word essay which is an analysis of how character design reflects personality according to animation theory. Describe how you chose to design your character in relation to the principles of good character design. Include an analysis of the relationship of character design and personality according to your independent research in animation theory citing what established animators have said about character design. Include at least three references( 3 URL`s, online articles and books), and include them in your bibliography in MLA format at the end of your essay.
Name:Course:Instructor:Date of submission:Character design in animation and personalityWalt Disney Studios provided a pivotal role in the development of animation characters from the 1930`s onwards though there twelve principles of animation. In essence, the principles were applicable in the creation, production and in the training of animation (Parent 13). In spite advanced technological these principles still offer guidance in the creative and animation world. Computer animations are the norm in this art, but they still rely heavily on the foundations of the principles. Furthermore, the advancement of films has led to better visual presentation of creative characters. However, there is a need to revise some of the techniques owing to technological advancement especially with regards to 3 D designs. Character design affects the personality of the animation, whereby Mia Doll appears to walk majestically in the walk cycle. This rhythmic pattern of walking appears as though it was real and Mia walks past buildings, by focusing ahead. However, the character does not move fast enough given that her weight does not lean forward, this confirms human walking styles in which the center of gravity appears to act on a person who leans forward when walking faster. Thus, it can be said that the design of the character represents her personality in which she is cool, calm and collected, but also friendly. In addition, the character only lifts her legs slightly which shows that she is not in a hurry. The character`s walking further reflects the personality style, before animation of Mia Doll it was necessary to capture the walking style appropriately to tell a story. Essential, design characters that appear to be jumpy spend le...

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