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Character Analysis Essay - Discrace by JM Coetzee

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Character Analysis Essay - Discrace by JM Coetzee


Write an essay that answers the following question. Provide a clear thesis statement, quotations and examples from Disgrace to support your argument, and strong reasons to make your case. DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE NOVEL. ASSINGMENT: Character Analysis: Does David Lurie change? David Lurie, the central character in the novel Disgrace, experiences some intense and horrifying things throughout. However, the author of the novel purposely creates ambiguity in David Lurie`s character. Assignment is to analyze the character of David Lurie, and decide if there has been a significant change in his personal character. In short, does David Lurie change?

Name:Course:Instructor:Date:Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee: Character AnalysisANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTER DAVID LURIEThis paper is about the protagonist David Lurie in the novel “Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee. Lurie has been divorced twice and is currently a professor lecturing communications at Cape Technical University. The book illustrates the story of Lurie as an elderly man who strives to find gratification and satisfaction by engaging in carnal practices with a young prostitute named Soraya, who works in a brothel, the Windsor Mansions. This scenario indicates a state of hedonism and insecurity arising from loneliness that Lurie felt after his divorce. It is clear that Lurie finds no satisfaction whatsoever in his work and only works to earn a living. The story goes ahead to indicate that Lurie believes his affection for Soraya has enabled him to find happiness. When his favorite prostitute leaves the brothel, he fails to connect with another one by the same name; he seeks companionship in with another woman, Melanie Isaacs, who is his student. This affair results into Lurie’s disgrace after the school’s administration comes to learn of it. He remains adamant about apologizing for his actions and is hence dismissed from his job. At the end of the story, it can be concluded that despite undergoing steps to change, the character realizes a level of transformation but barely changes his character.Needless to say, Lurie’s relations with Soraya the prostitute is based on money and is outright superficial. It articulates his disregard for morality and the law besides being selfish. Soraya, who is unquestionably a fallen woman, leaves work at the brothel abruptly. This makes Lurie to be desperate for affection once more. He becomes frustrated to the extent of calling Soraya at her home. This makes her furious and she asks him never to do that again. The author explains using a realistic observation by Lurie that "what should a predator expect when he intrudes into the vixen`s nest, into the home of her cubs” (10). Lurie afterwards engages one of his students, Melanie Isaacs in a romantic sexual affair, which is later discovered by the university’s administration, causing him to be dismissed from work. As a result, Lurie finds himself in a situation of disgraceful plight as he is forced to leave Cape Town to spend time with his daughter Lucy, at her farm in Eastern Cape. It is barely surprising that Lurie disgraces himself in this way considering his past inappropriate actions. Furthermore, his recreation of character results in a predatory approach. He is concerned with exercising power...

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