Jul 20, 2017

Census Burea

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501 News Article Review: Census Burea


News Article Review Instructions

This week, you are required to submit brief essays, which discuss current news articles that relate to public policy. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to evaluate current public policy issues and their treatment in the media in light of the concepts covered in the readings and discussions occurring in the course. The news articles you select should illustrate a real-world application, or, where appropriate, a lack of application, of one or more of the concepts covered in the readings of the same module. Your essays should be critical reviews of the articles, meaning that you should provide your own analysis regarding the articles, rather than simply summarizing them.

 Each review is due by the end of the module/week in which it is assigned. Review the News Article Review Grading Rubric to improve the quality of your essays and be sure to adhere to all of the specific guidelines described below.

 News Article Selection Guidelines

The articles or news stories that you choose should be:

  • found in a newspaper, on a news program, or from another reputable media source (including reputable internet sources),
  • published within the last month,
  • clearly illustrating the application, or failure to apply, one or more of the concepts covered in the course during the week/module of the assignment.

Each article review must cover different topics. Refrain from using follow-up pieces or multiple perspectives of the same topic. For example, if you find an article discussing a new government regulation in The New York Times, you cannot use a follow-up piece put out a few days later in the same newspaper or a different article in a different newspaper discussing the same topic.

 Essay Guidelines

Your essay should be 1-page, double-spaced. In the essay, you must summarize the article in order to demonstrate your comprehension of the content. Additionally, you should identify key elements discussed in the article and relate those elements back to concepts discussed in the course. Discuss whether the situation described in the article implements any of the concepts discussed in the course or if there are possible ways that concepts from the course could be implemented.


At the end of the essay, provide the complete citation for the article (including the publication date). If possible, you should include the actual article either by pasting it at the end of the document or by providing a link to the article. Format the essay and citation in current Turabian style.



1)      News Article: “Poverty Rate Dropped in 2013, Alternative Measure Finds”, http://thehill.com/policy/finance/220948-poverty-rate-dropped-in-2013-alternative-measure-finds

2)      Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals (1971) pp. 48-124

3)      1 biblical scriptures to incorporate into the paper to help support the issue or stance

 THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! – Add something within the writing that goes beyond what it is.



501 News Article Review 04 Insert name: Name of institution: Due date: The Census Bureau released a new report presenting that in 2013, the level of poverty in United States had slightly declined. The Bureau’s supplemental poverty measure shows that the level of poverty in the previous year was at 15.5%, which is a decline compared to 2012 when the rate was at 16%. The new report indicates that in 2013, the about 49 million US citizens are living below the poverty line. Many Americans lived under poverty due to inequality and marginalization, and these are issues that have b


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