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Censorship: Parental Advisory Stickers

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Censorship: Parental Advisory Stickers


700-WORD (2-PAGE) ESSAY • You are to write an essay in response to ONE of the prompts below. • The essay needs to be 700 words, minimum. Essays less than 700 words will receive a max grade of 50% • You will be graded on how honestly and how articulately you express your ideas. You will NOT be graded on spelling or grammar, although college-level writing style is expected. Your essays will NOT be seen by other students. • Essays are worth 50 possible points. Chose ONE of the following prompts and respond with your own opinion in your own voice: - Do you think that the current system of parental advisory stickers (or the "explicit" designation in the iTunes store) is effective at keeping adult language and subject matter out of the hands and ears of children? Why or why not? Would you make any changes to the current system? - How does the rating system of movies compare with that of music? Is one better than the other at appropriately determine who can and should be experiencing certain things? Would music be better off by having a similarly tiered system of ratings? Are there inherent problems with these kinds of systems? - In your opinion, what should the role of the artist be in regards the creation and expression of potentially objectionable materials? Should artists bear the responsibility of policing the distribution of their own music that might be objectionable (particularly to younger audiences) why or why not?


Name Instructor Course Date Censorship: Parental advisory stickers Apple joined other digital music vendors like Amazon by introducing the Parental Advisory Label stickers to tracks and albums that may contain explicit content on its iTunes Music Store. The stickers are to mirror the warnings that are on CD covers. The main purpose of introducing the stickers is to allow the parents to censor what their children are purchasing from the store. However, the system might be not effective in keeping the children from the adult language that


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