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Caucasian Female Currently Living in Alberta

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Autobiography: Caucasian Female Currently Living in Alberta


A background on myself : I am 27 years old, caucasion female, grew up in a divorced family - middle working class family. I am currently engaged with three children, I am a registered dental assistant but am working towards my bachelor of social work. I grew up in a catholic household but have no religious affiliation at this time, political position is liberal. I moved from the general toronto area to alberta (for a better economic lifestyle and for better job opportunities for my finacee). We have no family supports here at all and fiancee is gone for work most of the time. I find that the differences in lifestyle in alberta is drastic from the GTA - alberta is much more relaxed lifestyle. You can use your imagination for the rest but that is a basic summary of myself. 
This is an essay about you and requires no outside research. This assignment asks you to consider your own position within society, and how this position affects your personal views, assumptions, and beliefs concerning particular issues and events.
You can write on any number of things in this essay the goal is to reflect on how your life experiences and social position (such as your class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, political position, etc.) have affected the way you view the world. Perhaps you went travelling and this opened your eyes to the diversity of behaviours and attitudes that exist in the world, or perhaps you have recently come to Vancouver (or a different city) and have gained a new perspective on things that you once took for granted.
There are many different ways to write this essay; how you choose to express yourself and explore your experiences is completely up to you. The goal of this assignment is to illustrate how your life experiences and social position affects your outlook on social issues and society as a whole. This assignment will illustrate that as people, anthropologists also bring to the field their own values and beliefs that cannot be separated from how they perceive their subject or participants.


Autobiography Name: Institution: Couse Title: Instructor: Date: Autobiography I am a 27 year old Caucasian female currently living in Alberta. I grew up in a divorced family in which I have been living with my mother since I was a teenager. My parents’ divorce has had various impacts on my life and perception of the society in general. Particularly, I was uncertain of what will happen after my parents’ divorce. I kept on hoping that one day my parents will reconcile their d


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