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Castells and Beck`s Analyses

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Castells and Beck`s Analyses


“According to Castells contemporary society needs to be understood as a society that is no longer unified by a national identity but has become a society with a diverse set of more or less localized identities. Spell out his position by focusing on his analysis of nation-identity and the decline of the power of the nation state as well as one of the other examples of local identity discussed in class, i.e. either, religious fundamentalism, African-American identity or the American Women`s Movement. On the other hand, for Beck in Cosmopolitan Vision the localized identities are being supplemented by the emergence of a cosmopolitan identity. Briefly spell out Beck`s analysis of cosmopolitanism. What do you think of these two analyses?”

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**Please use quotation ONLY from the reading that I attached, and please include the page numbers of the reading if quoted. Thank you!

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Castells and Beck`s Analyses Name; Institutional Affiliation; Date Introduction According to Nicos Poulantzas, the only specificity about a capitalist state is in its absorption of social space including the monopolies that define the element of time and space that turns out to be a state`s action, network or domination and power (Martell, 2008). This according to the author remains the aspect in which a modern nation becomes the product of a state. However, the national identity has seen a decline in power within the national state as a result of an increase in global flows of goods, services, capital, information, and technology. This paper, therefore, seeks to determine and analyze the factors behind the decline of power within a national state. Additionally, the paper will also draw its attention on the dynamics of cosmopolitanism as described by Becky. Castells view on National-Identity The institutionalization of a state`s identity remains a very significant element in determining the oblique outcomes of the elements making up a state and the society. In essence, all the identities may not be in a position to unearth shelter within the institution of the regional and local governments (Martell, 2008). However, the most essential elements in the differentiation of territories of a state is ensuring that the universality and equality of a state are segregated. The author defines a nation as a cultural commune that is constructed in ...

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