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Case Study Assignment: Hospital Information Systems

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Case Study Assignment: Hospital Information Systems


• Important note: Original work, No Plagiarism, Give reference, UK (English), Put quotations on each paragraph, Research on Google Scholar (only) or any books (UK book). 
• Please be sure 100% understood about details then start do Essay
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Click on Case Study link (below), or Copy the link then paste on (Google Chrome). Also there is a file ;in the essay you can use table/ Chart.
You are required to undertake the series of tasks described below. You are strongly advised to keep a record of the sources you consult as you undertake each task in order to make the compilation of your bibliography easier.
HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS: ARE FAILURES PROBLEMS OF THE PAST? (http://mit.us.edu.pl/new/ftp/invited_speakers/MIT_2007-01.pdf). 
After carefully considering the case study – You must answer the questions listed below. It is critical that you are able to source relevant material from sources such as Nexis and Ebsco. and you should satisfy yourself that there is sufficient material on which you can base your answers. High marks will not be gained where it is obvious you have merely used a standard search engine such as Google. It is recommended that you use and correctly cite at least 10 items.
1. In your own words, summarise the salient facts about the HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS: ARE FAILURES PROBLEMS OF THE PAST? Case study and Identify the Information Systems structure outlined within the case study. 
2. List and describe six reasons why information systems are so important for organisations like the NHS today using referenced examples.
3. Identify an example of each of the Strategic, Tactical and Operational Decisions which might be/have been taken and how the information systems outlined in the case study support these decisions. Explain why these decisions are respectively Strategic, Tactical and Operational. You must provide referenced examples.
4. List all of the sources you used for tasks 1-3. You must use the Leeds Beckett Harvard Referencing style and in addition indicate the tool you used to find the source of each item for example Discovery, Nexis, Ebsco. You should use at least 10 sources in your report.
5. Overall presentation of tasks 1-4 including layout, spelling and use of language. 
Word length: Your report should not exceed 2500 words . Any work over this limit will be ignored. This figure excludes your bibliography/References and the use of any graphics. 
NO plagiarism report please. Ask and update me everytime.


Case Study: Hospital Information Systems Name Institution of Affiliation Date Case Study: Hospital Information Systems Introduction Hospital Information Systems reflect the Health Sectors attempt at catching up with developments in IT and information technology. These systems seek to harness the power of IT and apply it in improving patient care and service delivery. As a sector, the health system has an innate aversion to IT CITATION Wor08 l 1033 (World Health Organisation, 2008). This has been informed by the propensity for IT systems to fail at inopportune times. The result in hospitals and health care centres can affect the mortality of patient. Health sector decision and policy makers have utilized this risk to undermine the need to invest in IT within the sector. The result is a health care system globally that is unable to function according to the needs of its global, modern populace CITATION Vin10 l 1033 (Omachonu, 2010). Health sector have attempted to correct this anomaly by instituting huge IT programs that attempt to bring the Health sector into the information age. A good example is the National Health Service (NHS) scheme to implement new ICT services in England at £12.4 billion over a 10 year period. The figure is an astronomical amount to invest in a sector where there is no guarantee of returns. There are limited studies that show an exact and definitive correlation between IT and the accrued benefits to the health care sys...

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