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Career Information and Delivery Systems

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More and more clients are facing career transitions and are seeking career counseling services that require career information delivery systems (CIDS) Some of these are private and many others are found in national and state departments of labors. In this Discussion, you will explore and share information having to do with CISS and job search sites and sources of information.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the information in the course text on the career information delivery systems and job search information sources.

Explore several of the sites/sources in each category.

Use Google or another search engine to search for vocational/career information specific to your specialty area, work setting, and client population. Spend some time reviewing sites/sources that might be of value to you and your clients.

Explore at least one state-based CID, one for your state.

Start a list of several sites/sources of information that are of particular interest—some from each grouping—that would be useful in your specialty area, work setting, and client population.

Select two sites/sources of information, at least one from each grouping (CIDS [pp. 205–210] and job search [pp. 214–219]) to share about in the Discussion.

Select sites/sources that you think would both be useful to you and have the broadest appeal to your colleagues, given what you know about their specific situations.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 the name, URL or information about accessing the source if it is not a Web site, and a brief description of each of the two sites/sources you selected. Explain how you would use these sites/sources with your client population. Provide specific examples if possible, that is, describe the client, his/her situation, and explain which site you would use and how/why.

Welcome to Week 5! This week we will discuss the use of resources to help clients in their career development. There are a plethora of resources on the Web that could prove beneficial or detrimental to the career counseling process. In your exploration of potential Web resources stay cognizant of how the site you visit might hurt or help your clients. Will the resource help progress the client toward their goals in a helpful way? Is the resource so popular that the client would become just another number if they were to use it. These are just a few things to stay mindful of as you explore. Happy Posting!

Application: Personal Vocational/Career Information Resource Guide

For the Discussion this week, you began compiling a list of Web sites and other sources of information that might be useful to you and your specific clientele.

In this Application, you will take a next step and begin to develop a personal resource guide consisting of CIDS including CIDS for your state, and other job search sites and information sources.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review the material from the course text focusing on the information about CIDS.

USE THESE TEXT BOOK CIDS-Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)

  1. National career development association (NCDA)
  2. Association of computer-based systems for career information
  3. Career Cruising (http://.careercrising.com
  4. CIS (http://cis.uoregon.edu) available from Into Careers at the university of Oregon
  5. State –based CIDS-(http://www.illinoisworknet.com/vos_portal/?partner=)
  6. Occupational outlook handbook

Set up a resource guide template, organized in a manner that is useful.By: type of site/source (e.g., National CIDS- state-based CIDS— vocation/career type/category, or however else makes sense to you.

Use the following as a template:


Career Information Resource Guide Template

1- Name of CIDS/Website

2- Type or category of resources:  Are they (State, National, Regional,  or Private?)

3 – Affiliated organizations

4 – Group or population resource is intended to serve(my population is At-risk teenagers)

5 – Goals and objectives applied to resource

6- Activities, assignments, or tasks to assist client in achieving these goals and objectives

7 – Strengths of the resource

8 – Weaknesses of the resource

This assignment is check for quotations and plagiarism. You can use a few quotations but mostly paraphrase. Please remember to write the referenceswhere you get the resources throughout the paragraphs. I was marked down badly for this

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