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CAPSIM Simulation assignment for Business Policy Development

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CAPSIM Simulation assignment for Business Policy Development



Evaluate your team’s success in managing your company over the five rounds of the simulation. Your assessment should include some discussion in the areas associated with “Round Analysis” to include profit, margin, emergency loan, inventory, and stock price. Please reflect on where and how your team might have been more effective in addressing each area. Be sure to provide your rationale for your conclusions with specific examples taken from your company during five rounds of the simulation and evaluate your abilities to do so successfully. Remember that your work is reflective in nature and should focus on showcasing learning that has taken place as a result of the activity.

Your paper should be at 7-10 pages in length, not including title and reference pages. Include at least four outside sources.

I have included the FastTrack and decisions for all rounds with the exception of the final round. I will not have the results for the final round until 2/26 and I need the paper no later than 2/30. Please let me know if this does not make sense or if you have any questions. Thanks.


Student Name: Instructor: Course: Topic: CAPSIM Simulation assignment for Business Policy Development and ImplementationFor any business, the primary function is to satisfy the goals of the stakeholders. This involves making profits (for the stakeholders), maintaining these profit margins, ensure high-quality products and also offer employment opportunities. The enterprise is organised into manageable groups each led by a leader whose function include:1) Planning2) Coordinating3) Controlling4) Organising5) CommandingThe interpersonal, political, conceptual, technical, diagnostic and leadership skills are vital for high performance accorded to any group. The groups involved included Chester, Andrews, Baldwin, Digby, Errie and Ferris. Each had its own leader.According to the implementation of policies and strategies in any business sector1) All policies should be agreed upon by the group members.2) An appropriate forecasting method should be inculcated to aid in sound decision-making.3) A team spirit and a favourable environment should be enhanced4) The set policies and strategies must be reviewed overtime to ensure the consistency of all plans and same objectives are aimed at.5) Depending on the changes in the sector, contingency plans should be developed.6) The leader must have the know-how (where and how) certain plans are useful.The analyses of the group performances are as based below.Profit-AnalysisIt is a type of cost-accounting applied for fundamental and short...

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