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Can you please describe the structure and role of The Criminal Justice System in the United States?

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The Criminal Justice System


In this project, you will conduct one of the following: practitioner interview, criminal court visit, police ride-along, or correctional facility visit. NOTE: If you believe it is impossible for you to complete any of these experiential exercises due to circumstances beyond your control, contact your instructor who will arrange for an alternative project.

Practitioner Interview

Your task is to interview an individual of your choice involved in the criminal justice system: a police officer, attorney, judge, probation officer, researcher, current or former inmate, etc. (Note: Military personnel have the option of interviewing an equivalent person in the military.) Should your "expert" not be listed here, contact your instructor.

1) Provide the purpose of the paper and background information on the selected person.

2) Record the person`s views on the criminal justice system—whether the criminal justice system works, in what ways it doesn`t work, and the future of the criminal justice system.

3) Write the paper in a narrative format, detailing what you learned as the result of speaking with this person. Do not submit a "question-answer" paper.

4) Compare and contrast what your person says with relevant sections/chapters of the text. Outside sources are encouraged.

5) When using the text or other sources properly document and reference them.


The Criminal Justice System Name: Institution: The U.S. Criminal Justice System I was able to meet a legal researcher through my father’s friend who agreed to a 2 hour interview with him concerning his findings and thoughts on the U.S. Criminal Justice System. My respondent is called Denis N. Simmons and works in the capacity of an operation manager in a private research firm located in Boylston Street, Boston. The firm concentrates in conducting field research from citizens on various issues of the government and providing poll analysis through the Media. The address for the research firm is 607 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116 while their telephone is (617) 369-9977. Since the firm is so close to my house, I spent most of the day at the firm before finally securing an interview with Mr. Simmons from 2.30 pm to 4.50 pm. I had two major questions for Mr. Simmons; 1 Can you please describe the structure and role of The Criminal Justice System in the United States? 2 How is the current situation in our Criminal Justice System and what are your opinions about this situation? Mr. Simmons answer to the first quest was quite detailed which helped me to understand the structure of the Criminal Justice System. The police, the courts and corrections are the three components that form the criminal justice in the United States. These components follow each other. The purpose of the criminal justice system is to take law violators and giving them ...

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