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Can $50 Million Neutralize the National Rifle Association of America?

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Can $50 Million Neutralize the National Rifle Association of America?


Please write a STRONG devils advocate with resources. Thanks!
Can $50 million neutralize the NRA? 
I believe that $50 million will not neutralize the NRA. I believe the NRA is too strong and they already spend millions yearly to lobby and promote the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). I appreciate Bloomberg’s concern for the general public safety but I believe he should stay out of this issue. I believe it is every individual’s own right if they decide to protect themselves with the use of guns. I believe his $50 million will just go to waste because the NRA has too many connections with politicians and Congress. They have power in numbers over him.
Gun control is a subject matter that can not be dealt with in a black or white matter. The same strict gun laws that succeed in one area will not work for a different geographic location. Gun laws need to be tailored to each geographic area due to the variations of socioeconomic status, geographic landscape, and access to weapons from an underground market. 
Case examples are Australia and Chicago, IL. Australia has had stringent gun laws since 1996 and it has been a success. There has been a dramatic decrease in gun crimes since then (Sterbenz, 2015). Chicago also has stringent gun laws yet there continues to be high rates of gun crimes (Crain’s Chicago Business, 2015). 
Crain’s Chicago Business (October 8, 2015). The problem with using Chicago to make the case against gun control. Retrieved from http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20151008/NEWS02/151009827/the-problem-with-using-chicago-to-make-the-case-against-gun-control
Sterbenz, C (October 11, 2015). Australia enacted one of the largest gun reforms ever nearly 2 decades ago – and gun deaths plummeted. Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com/australia-gun-control-shootings-2015-10


Devil’s Advocate NRA: Can $50 million neutralize the NRA? Name: Institution: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Devil’s Advocate NRA The issue about the Second Amendment has generated heated debates from policy makers, academics, and the general public in in the United States. Indeed, the issue has polarized the country with both supporters and criti


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