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Can Robots Substitute Human Companions?

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Can Robots Substitute Human Companions?


-paraphrase, dont quote.

-use alot of transition words.

-use all articles in this essay.

-search for 3 or 4 subtopics from the articles. 

- introduce the subtopic.

- use a counter argument.

- then support what you think about from the articles. Dont use "i" or "we" bring proof from the other articles that i gave you

-At least 2 authors in one subtopic

- read the prompt well and follow the instructions


Article 1: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/322/5909/1800.full

Article 2: attached Cant find it on the internet.

Article 3: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/08/education/for-homebound-students-a-robot-proxy-in-the-classroom.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&&pagewanted=print (click on print under twitter and it will be easier to read/print)

Article 4: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/27/opinion/sunday/our-talking-walking-objects.html?_r=0

please paraphrase. plase follow the prompt. please use transition words. please use all 4 articles i this essay. please use 3 or 4 subtopics. please use at least 2 articles that I gave you in a subtopic.

follow the same organization on the prompt for the body paragraphs. this is for the body paragraph. u must have this in each subtopic. use at least 2 articles for each subtopic 

• Counterargument

• Your refutation of the


• Reason + Evidence for your


Please follow the prompt: LING_100_Fall_2014_Kurber_Argu 


Can Robots Substitute Human Companions? Name Institution Can Robots Substitute Human Companions? Recent times have seen the growth and development of new technologies in the world with the intention of complementing human efforts in enhancing efficiency in daily human operations. With more research and improved innovations, scientists have managed to develop various robots with some capabilities similar to those of human beings (Diana, 2013). Some of the robots can converse and interact with humans just as human do. More developments have led to the invention of robots that can express feelings, something that has raised some concern on whether the robots will ever behave, think, and feel like human beings do. To the developers of such robots, such inventions give them the opportunity to explore intuitive ways that can allow people and machines to co-exist in the workplaces and at home, complementing each other’s efforts (Diana, 2013). Despite the good intention of the robot-makers of advancing the world technologically, contentions have risen on whether robots can replace human as companions to fellow human. Although some pe


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