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Calvert, W. J.

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Articles Review: Calvert, W. J.


Modules 9A and 9B involve your reading and examining two research articles from the literature and summarizing/critiqueing the two articles.

Attached are three articles for you to choose from for the assignment.  Select two of the three articles for performing two written critiques and write a 2-3 page critique (single spaced) using the outline and headings listed below:

 (24 points --3 points for each of the eight sections listed below)

(a) Titles:  List the APA reference for each of the two selected articles as the heading for the assignment.

(b) Purposes:  Describe the Purpose for each article and note whether the article is descriptive or inferential and discuss the differences in the two purposes.

(c) Research Questions:  State the Research Questions for each article and discuss the key words within the research questions that indicate the type of statistical procedures inherent in the research.  Compare and contrast the research questions from the two articles.

(d) Samples/Settings:  Describe the samples/subjects/ and settings for each of the two articles you have selected and compare/contrast the two settings/subjects/samples.

(e) Research Hypotheses:  State the hypotheses for each of the two articles (if applicable) and tell why the hypotheses align with the Research Question(s) or why there may not be any Research Hypotheses.

(f) Statistical Procedures:  Discuss the statistical procedures used for each article and tell "why" these procedures align with the Research Question and/or Hypotheses.  Note the key words in the Research Question or Study Purposes that align with the selection of the appropriate statistics. 

(g) Findings:  Discuss the findings of the two articles and align the findings with the statistical proceures and the Research Questions/Purposes for each of the two studies. Compare and contrast the findings of the two articles within the framework of the initial purposes of the respective studies.

(h) Implications of the Findings: Discuss the implications of the findings  for each of the two studies and compare and contrast the implications relative to "describing" versus "inferring" and "generalizing" versus "replicating" the studies.    



Articles Review Name Course Instructor Date Titles Calvert, W. J., & Isaac-Savage, E. P. (2013). Motivators and barriers to participating in health promotion behaviors in Black men. Western journal of nursing research, 35(7), 829-848. Krause-Parello, C. A., & Gulick, E. E. (2013). Situational factors related to loneliness and loss over time among older pet owners. Western journal of nursing research, 35(7), 905-919. Purposes The main aim of the first study was to identify factors that affect health promoting behaviors among black men earning low income. There were various affecting the health status that were considered in determining how health-promoting behaviors are affected by various motivators barriers in choosing health promotion lifestyles. This is a descriptive study taking into account the barriers and motivators to health promotion lifestyles, where the authors first considered the sociodemographic of the participants. The study results are specific to black males and the researchers did not generalize the results, unlike inferential studies which would generalize study results. In any case, the authors tabulated the mean, standard deviation for the motivators and barriers subscales and health promoting lifestyle profile (HPLP) (Calvert& Isaac-Savage, 2013). The aim of the second research was to identify how situational factors as well as coping mechanisms and pet attachment influence loneliness among older pet owners who experience loss over time....

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