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Business and Marketing Essay

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Business and Marketing Essay


For the Session Long Project for this Module, you are expected to explore some aspects of your organization`s culture, at least as you see it. Since the concept of organizational culture is open to many interpretations and classifications, this assessment offers a slightly different approach from your background reading on organizational culture.

Required Reading

Debra Woog McGinty and Nicole C. Moss have compiled a short corporate culture survey aimed at identifying characteristics of workplaces. It is scored in pencil-and-paper fashion. The categories of workplace description that it generates are fairly self-explanatory.


When you have completed the assessment think about it for a minute, and how it compares to the Academy, Baseball Team, Fortress, and Club cultures described by McNamara in the background reading. Then prepare a 2- to 3-page paper discussing:

  • Your organization`s scores on the McGinty/Moss assessment and whether the results fit your general expectation or constitute a surprise in some ways.
  • Your assessment of your organizations culture "type" according to McNamara`s categories.
  • The degree to which these two assessments seem to be telling you similar or dissimilar things about your organization.
  • Anything that you can infer from these assessments about how your organizational culture fits or doesn`t fit with you, and what (if anything) you might be able to do to make your interaction with the culture more effective. Be as specific as you can in the interests of getting the most value from the exercise for yourself.
  • Your overall opinion of these typologies as a means of understanding the organization and how you cope with it - what they measure well and anything that you believe they do not measure well or at all.

Your paper should be short (2-3 pages, not including cover sheet—references not generally required) and to the point. You are expected to deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, rather than treating them as a series of individual questions.

Keys to the Assignment

  • Your completion of all the steps in the exercise.
  • Your inclusion of the actual instrument or results.
  • Your understanding of both approaches to culture "types," both in terms of similarities and differences.
  • Your ability to interpret the results of the assessment in terms of your own experience, either to confirm or to question the results.
  • Your ability to derive from the exercise ideas about improving your managerial understanding and/or skills.
  • The clarity and quality of your writing.

Business and Marketing Name Institution Business and marketingThe essence of starting a company or any business enterprise is to make a profit. Many companies offer similar goods and services. Competition for the limited number of customers present is, therefore, a significant challenge for the companies involved. A company’s success depends on the company’s culture. In this context, culture refers to the company’s assumptions, values, norms, and behavior (Stanford, 2010). It is hard to express culture specifically because different organizations have different cultures. For example, profit-oriented organizations culture is qu


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