Aug 02, 2017

Bp Oil Spill

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Bp Oil Spill

I need to write a paper about BP oil spill. First page talk about the FACTS (MAXIMUM 1 PAGE): 1) April 20,2010. 2) Describe the explosion 3)Cause of the explosion 4)Damage Next page RULES:1)State rule 2)Penal code 3)Admin agency codes 4)Prior oil spills (regulations) This Analysis part you are going to write about BP. This part is individual per person she assigned different parties to each member of the group example my other group members got Anadarko , Haliburton, and transasco. And I got BP. Next 3 pages MAXIMUM 3 NO MORE THAN 3: Analysis of Bp. In these order: 1)Stakeholders 2) Safety Alternations 3) Ethical duty/ to whom 4) Outcome /impact of stakeholders. (the outcome in detail: environment, energy industry, seafood industry, leisue, traveling). 5)Basic facts of the party. and 6) Conclusion Yes or no the party acted ethically in its safety by ..... (acts). Start the conclusion with yes or no.
BP OIL SPILLNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionBP OIL SPILLFactOn 20 April 2010, a gas release and an ensuing explosion happened on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig working on the Macando exploration well that belonged to BP in the Gulf of Mexico. The deepwater Horizon Oils Spill or just BP Oil Spill is considered one of the worst oil disasters the world has ever known. The facts and statistics that made the disaster what it is are horrifying. The Oils Spill saw more than 200 million gallons of crude oil pumped into the Gulf of Mexico continually for 87 days, which made it the biggest oil spill in the history of America. The oil spill affected an expansive 16,000 miles of the coastline, spreading to the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida (Bergin, 2011).The fire burned for approximately 36 hours then the rig sunk this saw the hydraulics leak into the Gulf of Mexico. The gushing well was covered in July 2010, the oil was however still washing up on the shores, alarmingly, and this situation had the likelihood of causing long-term detrimental effects on the people living around. A large part of the Louisiana 400 mile coastline was affected with 125 miles polluted by the oil spill. Over 8,000 birds, mammals and turtles reportedly died in just 6 months after the spill, what is more worrying is that many of those are those classified as endangered species. The direct impact on wildlife includes oil-coated sea turtles and birds, mammals consuming the oil; there was also dead or dying deep sea carol (Benoit, 2011).The initial oil rig explosion was responsible for the death of 11 people who were workers on the site, and injuries of 17 others. Responding to the disaster, President Obama announced that his govern...

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