Aug 04, 2017

Bombing Investigation Summary. Criminal Operations and Convictions

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Bombing Investigation Summary. Criminal Operations and Convictions

The assignment this week will focus on the time period between the bombing until the conviction of both Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh. Research the local, state, and federal agencies involved, investigation techniques, timeline of investigation, and investigation results. Locate witness and officer interviews, investigation reports, and media accounts of the investigation. This assignment offers flexibility in the approach to this summary, but requires the synthesis of information from many sources. The final paper should: Summarize the coordinated investigation conducted by law enforcement that began as soon as the building was bombed
CRIMINAL OPERATIONS AND CONVICTIONS OF TERRY NICHOLS AND TIMOTHY MCVEIGHStudent:Professor:Course title:Date: CRIMINAL OPERATIONS AND CONVICTIONS OF TERRY NICHOLS AND TIMOTHY MCVEIGHIntroductionTerry Nichols born in 1955 was convicted in 1998 for participating in the  HYPERLINK "file:///\\wiki\Oklahoma_City_bombing" o "Oklahoma City bombing" Oklahoma City bombing. Prior to his conviction, he had been involved in various activities and jobs such as a being a manager in the green elevator, ranch hand, real estate sales agent, and a farmer. He met with  HYPERLINK "file:///\\wiki\Timothy_McVeigh" o "Timothy McVeigh" Timothy McVeigh, who was later become his accomplice in the bombing after meeting a short while in US Army. He had only stayed in the army briefly (less than a year), and requested for discharge after claiming to be experiencing “hardship” in the army. Between 1994 and 1995, he was, together with his accomplice Timothy McVeigh involved with the planning, preparation and execution of the truck bombing in  HYPERLINK "file:///\\wiki\Alfred_P._Murrah_Federal_Building" o "Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building" Murrah Federal Building in  HYPERLINK "file:///\\wiki\Oklahoma_City_bombing" o "Oklahoma City bombing" Oklahoma City, commonly known as the  HYPERLINK "file:///\\wiki\Oklahoma_City_bombing" o "Oklahoma City bombing" Oklahoma City bombing . These bombing destroyed more than 170 human lives including 19 children. Moreover, 800 others sustained serious and minor injury (Terry Nichols Biography, 1955). On the other hand, Timothy McVeigh born 1968 was are- known American terrorists for many years. Together with his accomplice Terry Nichols, he participated in the bombing of  HYPERLINK "file:///\\wiki\Alfred_P._Murrah_Federal_Building" o "Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building" Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building located in Oklahoma City. This bombing is regarded as one of the deadliest act of domestic terrorism ever experienced in America. Investigation and Arrest of Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh bornInvestigation by US security agencies on Oklahoma City bombing revealed that Terry Nichols collaborated with Timothy McVeigh to detonate a bomb at Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Investigation by security agencies further revealed that the bomb was built in Kansas. Terry Nichols assisted by stashing a car in the city of Oklahoma so that McVeigh could leave the scene after the explosion. The federal authorities arrested Nichols, and detained him for 18 days between April 22, 1995, and May 19, 1995.Nichol`s trial lasted for nearly nine weeks. The prosecution aligned 100 witnesses, which helped to reveal the connection of Nichols to the bombing of Oklahoma City. According to the prosecutor`s arguments, Nichols assisted McVeigh by buying the ingredients used in making the steal bombs, parking the gateway car near the F...

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