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Best Athlete of All Time

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Best Athlete of All Time


Paper 3: Definitional Argument


Write a 2-3 page definitional argument on a term of your choice. Use MLA-style for headings, spacing, font and pagination. Sources are not required, but use MLA-style if you do cite borrowed information. Provide a works cited page accordingly.



1. Find a topic.

  1. Formulate a controversial or provocative definition.
  2. Challenge a definition.
  3. Try to determine whether something fits an existing definition.
  4. Seek to broaden an existing definition or create a new definition to accommodate a wider or differing perspective.


2. Research your topic.

a. college dictionaries or encyclopedias

            b. unabridged dictionaries

            c. specialized reference works/handbooks

            d. textbooks

            e. newsgroups and blogs

            f. community or advocacy groups

            g. or any other quirky, non-conventional source, like online quizzes, films,

                        music lyrics, etc.


3. Formulate a claim. Your claim should reflect the type of definition: formal, operational, example.


4. Think about your organization.

Your argument of definition is likely to include some of the following parts:

  • A claim involving a question of definition
  • A general definition of some key concept
  • A careful look at your subject in terms of that general definition
  • Evidence for every part of the argument including visual evidence if appropriate
  • A careful consideration of alternative views and counterarguments
  • A conclusion drawing out the implications of the argument


Due Date: March 12, 2015 by 5 PM via email (March 20 by 5 PM for self-paced students).








Students Name: Instructor: Date: Best Athlete of All Time How many a time has this question been asked or discussed, leave alone crossing one’s mind? The amount of opinion raised by this statement is extraordinarily wide .Obviously the lovers of football will start clamoring for the biggest debate in football at the moment, that of the argument between Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The lovers of boxing on the other side will clench their fists, ready to defend their views abou


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