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Assignment Research Paper: Analysis of the Social Policy

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Assignment Research Paper: Analysis of the Social Policy


Utilizing the text and outside scholarly sources, you will examine social welfare policy as it relates to social problems. For this activity, you will provide a written analysis of an existing policy that addresses the social problem you selected in Project 1. Provide a 4- 6 page written analysis of the social policy chosen.You are required to discuss whether the policy has been effective in solving the selected social problem and whether there are any further improvements that need to be made. Include the following areas in your analysis:
•Type of policy and level at which you are analyzing the policy (federal, state, or local).
•Intended target population of the policy.
•Brief history of the policy intended to address this problem.
•Policy alternatives that were explored (bounded rationality framework).
•Political constraints on the policy decision making process.
•Unintended consequences of the policy, if known.
•Results of the policy on the target population.
•Summary of current status of selected policy.
----NOTE----Topic that was written was titled:
---- Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Care Enhancement Act of 2014, H.R.4276 (113th)----
Finalize your research paper so it is a polished academic discussion on the social policy you have chosen in Project 1 and Project 2. Your response should be between 4 to 6 pages, and should include a title page, be 12-point font and double spaced. The title and references pages will not be considered as part of the page count for this assignment. Be sure to use APA style citation for citing any sources to support your claims. At least five references from journals or approved websites such as those of the US government, research organizations, universities, etc need to be used for this paper. Go to the EC Library website, (link on left bar of your course webpage) for help with references for your paper. Wikipedia, CliffsNotes and other study guide sites are not considered a valid source for references.
• Textbook: DiNitto, D. & Johnson, D. (2012). Essentials of social welfare: Politics and public policy. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.


Social Policy Analysis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Social Policy Analysis The Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Care Enhancement Act (H.R. 4276) was enacted to extend the period that the veterans who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries used to receive treatment from five years to eight years. The policy is used by the federal government to help the veterans who have been injured while on operations. The Act was to amend the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 to change the reporting requires under the pilot programs in assessing the effectiveness of providing assistance to the affected veterans to enhance their rehabilitation, quality of life, and community integration. The Act requires the Veterans Affairs (VA) Department to submit a report to the congressional veterans committee on pilot programs for rehabilitation of veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The Act also does not allow intergovernmental relations with other parties such as private, local and state governments. It mandates the VA Department to submit a report to the congress on all activities and pilot programs that have been implemented for the sake of the TBI veterans. In the report, the following is included: * Number of veterans who participated in a particular program. * Number of veterans who completed the programs successfully. * The degree to which the participants together with their famil


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