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Assignment: Analyzing the Ethical Dilemma Question

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Assignment: Analyzing the Ethical Dilemma Question



Dear writer please write 3 pages focusing on analyzing the ethical dilemma question using a results using (greatest good) approach. Discuss a variety of ways that the greatest good can be accomplished. Thinking about each of the stakeholders, discuss the greatest good for whom? Be sure to describe both the strengths and weaknesses of each greatest good option. Also, provide examples how the greatest good either supports or refutes what you found using the virtue and principle based approaches. PLEASE EXPAND AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, LOOK EVERY SINGLE OPTION USING CRITICAL THINKING AS WELL TO LOOK TO EVERY SINGLE ANGLE OF THIS APROACH.


Define Greatest Good (Svara), write why are we using this particular Approach, Greatest Good is going to shows us how decrease, increase Public service (money)


  • This approach is not about doing the right thing but instead refers to greatest good for the greatest numbers.  (check attached copies for Greatest good definition)
  • Justified an unethical thing to get more services.
  • Greatest amount of public services, with this approach will ignore everything else, forget about virtue approach or Principle based, just focus on Greatest Good approach.


Use two examples that applies to the ethical dilemma question overview is below

that is in favor and against for each example

  • first example
  1. Supports (in favor)
  2. Refutes (against)
  • Second example
  1. Supports (in favor)
  2. Refutes (against)



Overall does it greatest good support or refute

Ethical dilemma question overview writing previously

“The main ethical dilemma at hand is the question as to whether the government is justified to use drug testing as a prerequisite for offering public assistance. This is one of the issues that have characterized public discussions for a very long time with many people supporting it as much as others who are opposed to it. The main issues coming across in public discourses includes the fact that it affects the freed of the people, it also because it denies people their rights to fair treatment by the State and to others that is cruel to force individuals to go for drug testing as a prerequisite for offering them health. On the other hand, this issue can also be looked at in terms of the role of the government in providing services to the masses. Therefore, this should be considered from the point of view that the government uses the testing data to make relevant policies that can help people suffering from drugs to become responsible and better citizens. The government has a role to protect citizens from succumbing to negative influences through indulging in drugs. To this effect, there are several laws and policies that the government has passed concerning drug abuse. For instance, there is the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (Grant and Dawson, 1996), and also the Anti- Drug Abuse Act of 1988.





Ethical Dilemma Analysis Name Institution Ethical Dilemma Analysis .People faces ethical dilemma most of their daily activities. In an attempt to overcome moral dilemma, ethical approaches are useful since they help analyse a contradictory situation. The greatest good approach is an ethical approach that ensures evaluation of benefits is universal. It also encourages equal consideration for all stakeholders and the use of a neutral party in analysing the moral dilemma. In this case, the ethical dilemma at hand is whether the government is right to use drug testing as a precondition for providing public help. The use of greatest good approach, in this case, is appropriate since it focuses on the greater good for t


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