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Aristotle`s definition of rhetoric

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Aristotle`s definition of rhetoric

Outline Aristotle`s definition of rhetoric, and identify the role rhetoric plays in our present-day political process. You might compare and contrast with political practice in Aristotle`s time, and may want to incorporate a brief discussion of Aristotle`s three species of rhetoric. Your paper should not include a lengthy analysis of a court case, political debate or proceeding. Instead, it should be an analysis of our political process as it has evolved from its foundations in ancient Greece. To support your observations, you should include at least three references Papers shall include all of the following elements: title page (name, course/section, date, assignment topic or title) an abstract page numbers properly formatted parenthetical references and "References" list Please do not paraphrase or plagiarize at I will check the paper for plag.
ARISTOTLE`S DEFINITION OF RHETORICName:Course:Professor name:(Date of Submission)Aristotle`s Definition Of RhetoricRhetoric is the art of speaking and/or writing effectively. According to Aristotle, Rhetoric is like a process of making a persuasion possible. Aristotle argued that, the subject of rhetoric is all things it is dialectic. The subject of dialectic is always logical thought while the subject of rhetoric is having an effective communication. This therefore induces the difference between dialectic and rhetoric. Hence from the various views of rhetoric by Aristotle, the concrete definition of rhetoric is the art of looking for the best and possible way of persuading while considering the situation the situation at hand. Deliberative speaking is one of the areas where rhetoric has majored in. Most politicians use rhetoric in their political speeches while they are outlining their future policies (Newman, 2001).There are three species used in the identification of rhetoric. They include: Appearance of trustworthy trait of a speaker. As the speaker is deliberating on an issue, one should try to portray the good figure so as the concerned parties to gain confidence on whatever the speaker is talking about. Suspicion will at all the time drive the attention of the audience way hence the number of persons comprehending whatever is being said decreases. Such a speaker may at the end of the day drive no point home as the audience had already created apperception due the appearance. Second, logical argument of what is set out in the text. The speaker should argue whatever is being discussed logically to avoid losing the audience along the way during the deliberation. The points that are being argued should flow a point after the other to enhance the comprehensiveness and clarity. Many are times state a point which is obviously not well understood and the problem arises when the audience does not get the point letter to the word. The speaker should therefore make an effort of making sure that presentation of the point of discussion is clear and concise for all the audience hence at the end of the day there is no misunderstanding. Finally, the effect (emotional) that is created by the speaker and if it is the text the emotional effect that it creates on the reader. As the speaker is giving a speech, the content also matters. The speaker may give a speech that the content present in the speech happen to create some emotion to the mind of the audience (Poster, 2003). Everybody has a personal view towards an event and therefore instance the speaker creates a negative emotion to the audience, the individual ends up being hurt by the incidence. The reader or audience may at times have some emotions that are derived from the topic of discussion. The speaker should therefore take caution about the words that are used as words constitute the content and the content dictates the message. Choice words even when the message to be delivered is negative determin...

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