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Argumentative Essay through using exploration and analysis

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Argumentative Essay through using exploration and analysis


ARGUMENTIVE ESSAY I.PURPOSE A.To write using exploration and analysis. B.To evaluate your ability to write an argumentative paper involving multiple essays. II ESSAY REQUIREMNTS; A. Select this three essays;Onamaewa,The Main in Water,The Discus Thrower B.Write a paper where in you show us how these essays are related in some way. perhaps they have similar point behind the essays.Your task is to make connections, to make sense of multiple, different essays. You want us to see what discovered about these essays. Through the use of support and documentation,you want to persuade us to your ideas. III.ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS; A.In your introduction section,state explicitly the essays you will be discussing. B. Although you are composing an argumentative paper,don`t revert to stiff, formal,impersonal writing. If appropriate, include yourself and your personal experience in the writing of the essay. C. Include at least three entries in the Works Cited page. IV.GENERAL INSTRUCTUCTION; A.Final paper due June 06 B.5 or 7 pages in length. C.Type or worked-processed and double-spaced. D.Retain a copy of the paper for yourself. V.GRADING I will grade the papers according to the four elements of communication;Substance,organization,style and correctness.For this essay I will weight correctness more I WANT YOU TO WRITE ESSSAY LIKE THIS way please INTRODUCTION write introduction about ONAMAEWA,THE MAN IN THE WATER , THE DISCUSS THROWER state explicitly the essays you will be discussing. WRITER STRONG THESIS THAT CONNECTED ONAMAEWA,THE MAN IN THE WATER , THE DISCUSS THROWER FOR EXAMPLE THE THESIS IS IDENTITY SUPPORT A.ONAMAEWA write about onamaewa that support the thesis(IDENTITY) B.THE MAN IN THE WATER write about the man in the water that support the thesis(IDENTITY ) C.THE DISCUSS THROWER write the discuss thrower that support the thesis (IDENTITY) CONCULURION WRITE CONCLUSION about ONAMAEWA,THE MAN IN THE WATER , THE DISCUSS THROWER


Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Comparison of Essays After I read this three essay it is kind of related to my personal story. When I call back home my father always told me that “son you dot have to forget who you are everywhere you go. Keep your culture and don`t lose your identity”. When I was a teenager in Eritrean some of my friend they call me by nick name some of them doesn`t know my real name still. When I came to USA some business office places` they call me by my grandfather name almost my middle name, which is my father`s name, lost when I came to USA.  My essay applies the evidence drawn from Onamaewa, The Man in the Water and The Discus Thrower to demonstrate the impact of traumatic experiences in life. Onamaewa is written by Leon Yen. The author of The Man in the Water is Roger Rosset. Richard Seizer wrote the Discuss in the Thrower. These three writers have demonstrated how people suffer in different perspectives. For instance, the Onamaewa had tried to find out who he was; he doesn`t have a really identity and The Discuss Thrower tries to remember by throwing food on the wall and making mark of food on the wall. He tried to identify himself to workers by throwing food on the wall. While The Man in the Water is about the hero person


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