Aug 10, 2017

Argumentative Essay on the Theme of Love

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Argumentative Essay on the Theme of Love

I want to assign the writer who helps me on order #00017243 Write an argument for the story`s theme of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. Remember that one word alone cannot express a theme. "Love" is not a theme, but what a story reveals about love is a theme. Your thesis statement, therefore, must express what you believe the theme of the story is using a complete sentence. Be clear and specific and make sure the introduction includes sufficient context of the story (a brief summary will do) so that your readers can understand what you`re referring to. In the body paragraphs, analyze the story`s plot, theme, and characters, providing details from the story to back your argument up. Please note that plot summary alone is an insufficient method of making your argument. You must analyze the story`s plot and characters for its meaning. You should consider any symbols or metaphors in the story that might also reveal the story`s intended theme. Tone, setting, and voice are all rich parts of the story to explore and analyze for evidence for your argument.
NameLecturerCourseDateArgumentative Essay on the Theme of LoveThe short story “everyday Use” published by Alice Walker factors the relationship among two daughters, as they struggle for their mother`s love, as well as, acceptance. In the essay, quilt signifies the items that were for all girls` value. Dee, the girl that had gone away from the poor family and environment and established something for her financially, desires the quilt to display like a materialistic commodity. As the story continued to elaborate, Maggie, the shy son who was burned in a fire, required to make use of the quilt in the home. Maggie never liked the quilt so much as her desire to feel as an essential to her mother as her sister. As a result, the mother decided to give her son Maggie the quilt that was mostly admired between the two girls thus bringing as to the clear picture of theme of love in the story indicated by the mother. This made Maggie pride that her mother had decided to choose her instead of her sister to be offered quilt, as well as, her self-esteem was improved. This paper critically provides an argument for the story`s theme of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker; it specifically addresses the theme of love.The story revolves around a single mother together with her two children, Dee and Maggie. The entire family`s considered Dee as a proud girl. She was handsome, smart, as well as, educated daughter. While Maggie was simple, low confident and she was burned badly in a house fire. As the story was cited, Walker Alice uses Mother as the narrator in the story “Everyday Use” to elaborate those two actors. Dee and Maggie were described in the story to indicate two variable views of traditional and culture heritage during the year of 1970`s. At the same time, there was migration by Africa American to be educated concerning the heritage of African. As a bad lack, mother changed most towards the end of story (Helga, 23).We clearly experience the theme of love in the story when Dee`s sister Maggie together with their mother sacrificed to work hard with an aim of ensuring that Dee progress with her studies. This was emphasized when Dee`s mother organized for fund raising in the church, being helped with Dee`s sister Maggie. The idea which revolved around the family that Dee was a brighter girl was an advantageous to her as she managed to be favored and offered with capital acquired through fund raising to accomplish her studies, factoring that she was coming from an unable family.The essay progressed by describing the mother as a dynamic character in the entire story. This was because she had established some essential realization at the end of the story, as she knew her two daughters in a clear position. Mother was expressed as being nice woman as she was heard describing herself as a large, big boned mother possessing rough working hands with an aim of working hard to ensure that her two girls meet all their basic needs. She was ...

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