Aug 07, 2017

Are raises in cost justified?

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Argument against High College Costs

Essay Topic: Seemingly, tuition costs rise on an annual basis. Explore the causes/effects of tuition increase. Are raises in cost justified? Everything else in society seems to cost more as years progress. Why shouldn`t college costs? Works Cited Page and No Use of first or second person in essay Aleast 3 1/2 full pages
Name:Instructor:Subject:Date:Argument against High College CostsIf ever there is one phenomenon that is a permanent feature in people`s daily lives, it is the constantly increasing cost of living. If there`s one concern that even technology`s efficiency has remarkably failed to address, it is the perennial skyrocketing of prices for goods and services. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in the education sector, perhaps due to the high demand for education. Indeed, this is not surprising considering that schooling accounts for much of people`s early lives, beginning at early childhood and continuing until early adulthood, and even more for those who seek professional specialization. Consequently, the number of consumers of education not only increases annually, but a large proportion of them remain in the system for a long period. One direct effect of this scenario is the pressure they create on available resources. The strain on resources inevitably leads to an increase in costs to purchase more resources and meet the soaring demand. In addition, economic crises, like the one experienced in 2007, worsen the situation as a result of high currency inflation. It is to be expected, therefore, that the cost of education will continue to rise as more and more people demand it. However, the importance of education to a country`s socio-economic progress requires that this vital commodity is made available to as many people as possible. Its significance is underscored by the fact that the global provision of free education is one of the UN`s millennium development goals. Thus, it is imperative that governments ought to regulate the cost of education to ensure that it does not get way beyond the reach of its citizens, especially the poor. In this light, this paper argues that governments should subsidize college tuition fee because high costs prevent the majority of citizens from affording it, thereby hindering their socio-economic growth. The reason that people seek education is to improve their future lives. In fact the only reason that parents send their children to school is to enable them gain employment after school and become financially independent. While this ...

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