Aug 05, 2017

Application of the Just-War Theory and its Relation to the Hybrid War-Law Model

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Application of the Just-War Theory and its Relation to the Hybrid War-Law Model

Additional iNFORMATION QUESTION TO BE ANSWER IN AN ESSAY FORMAT DUE dec. 17 Apply the just-war theory to the war on terrorism. Can the hybrid war-law model be justified under just-law theory? Your Name PHI2010 Prof. Munns Homework Assignments SAME INSTRUCTIONS 1. Assignments: The following assignments will be graded in accordance with the Gordon Rule Rubric. 2. Format: Your answer to each question should be 1 typed, double-spaced pages. Your name, the course number, and the instructor`s name should appear in the upper left corner of the first page (see above). The title (yes, you must have a title) should be centered above the first paragraph. No cover sheets, title sheets or report covers will be accepted. All papers must be stapled. An appropriate 12 point font, such as Times New Roman, should be used. Margins should be 1 inch. 3. Content: Your answer should be written as a cohesive essay with an introduction and conclusion. The thesis should be stated in the introduction and supported by the paragraphs in the body of the essay. Be sure that you have answered the entire question and supported your answer with examples, analogies, facts, etc. 4. Sources and References: No sources other than the text books are required. Your paper must contain appropriate in-text citations for any information that you directly quote or paraphrase—even if it is taken from your text books. Any work cited must be included on the bibliography,which does not count as one of the required pages. Proper APA style should be followed for citations and the bibliographic references.
Application of the Just-War Theory and its Relation to the Hybrid War-Law ModelName:Institution: The ‘just war` theory refers to a codification of beliefs of military ethics from the Roman origin. This theory tries to justify how wars are fought, either on a historical or philosophical perspective. The just war theory, being an ancient theory, address such issues as the right to go to war (jus ad belum) (Boss, 2009) and the question of whether wars are conducted under justifiable grounds and in accordance to the rules of war. According to the ‘jus ad belum`, the following conditions ought to be met before going into any war.• A cause for the war must exist• The war`s declaration and wage ought to be declared by an authorit...

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