Jul 22, 2017

Application Of Speech Recognition As A Tool For Human Computer Interaction

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Application Of Speech Recognition As A Tool For Human Computer Interaction


One of the most basic aims of human computer interaction has been speech-recognition. The ability to talk to machines in common language, rather than through mechanical devices or artificial languages, has been a major desirable in business, education, government, and about every other field of endeavor. In the last few years, there have been enormous strides made by researchers and software engineers alike, and there are now effective products on the market that do a solid basic job. In fact, this particular text that you are now reading was entered into this course by your instructor using a voice-recognition program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This entire paragraph was entered with only two errors that required correction. As speech-recognition technology becomes more mature, it has been increasingly applied in many areas. This module`s case, you`re asked to read the following paper on application of speech-recognition: Durling, S., & Lumsden, J. (2008). Speech Recognition Use in Healthcare Applications, Proceedings of MoMM2008, 473-478. Wolters, M., Georgia, K., Moore, J., Macpherson, S. (2009). Being Old Doesn’t Mean Acting Old: How Older Users Interact with Spoken Dialog Systems, ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, 2(1). 2:1-2:39. In addition, please review this discussion of Moore`s Law. Finish the readings, explore other material on the background information, and other research that you find useful, then prepare a 3+ page paper on the topic: Discuss the application of speech recognition as a tool for Human Computer Interaction In this paper, please consider both current major issues in the field, and major future developments that hold promise. Be sure that you work in the significance of Moore`s Law to this discussion.

Application Of Speech Recognition As A Tool For Human Computer InteractionNameInstitutionApplication of Speech Recognition As A Tool For Human Computer InteractionSince the introduction of the computer, technology has been developing rapidly and more and more users are getting the chance and are in a position to complete computer tasks that in the past seemed otherwise impossible or took a very long time to execute. One of these developing technologies in the recent years is the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) which involves the planning, study and design of the interaction between computers and users. Research suggests that the fact that HCI studies a machine and a human interactively, it draws supporting knowledge on both the human and the machine aspect of the technology. For example, the machine side information includes operating systems, computer graphics techniques and programming. On the other hand, the human side offers graphic, communication theory and design disciplines, social sciences, linguistics, cognitive psychology as well as other factors like computer user satisfaction. Information technology has also taken more roles on different aspects of the day to day life. However, the communication between information processing machines and human beings has become equally important. Speech recognition is now highly demanded and has several useful applications. The handwriting and speed of typing is normally one word for very second, so speaking stands out to be the fastest form of a computer communication. Speech recognition therefore has several application considering the manner in which it makes life easier and has much more to offer in future. The striking advantage of speech recognition includes the saving of time and avoid typing errors. This system thus makes computer communication faster compared to manual interfaces like the use of key board. Instead of typing the command, it is much easier to say it (Grudin, 2008). There are several application but the most striking application that makes speech recognition more admirable compared to command typing is how it is useful among the handicapped people with computer interaction system. In this context, handicapped people included the sick and the old who are not in a position to type any command . Speech recognition technology is considered as a crucial enabler for increasing the application usability deployed in different mobile devices and such devices are now increasingl...

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