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Apple Inc. Product Lines and Events

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Apple Inc. Product Lines and Events

I need help in critically analyzing the Apple case found in the attached document. In particular, please update the case information by new research to include Apple`s other product lines and recent events, and decides the lessons that have been learned for information systems managers, in a succinct report that includes a results-filled executive summary.

Also research for evidence, if any, that Apple uses any of the following in its business activities: "business intelligence", "enterprise resource planning (ERP)", "customer relationship management (CRM)", "data mining", and "intelligent systems", and documents the results in the report

10 critical-thinking questions found in Browne & Keeley

What are the Issues and the Conclusion?
What Are the Reasons?
What Words or Phrases Are Ambiguous?
What Are the Value and Descriptive Assumption?
Are There Any Fallacies in the Reasoning?
How Good Is the Evidence: Intuition, Personal Experience, Case Examples, Testimonials, and Appeals to Authority?
How Good Is the Evidence: Personal Observation, Research Studies, and Analogies?
Are There Rival Causes?
Are the Statistics Deceptive?
What Significant Information is Omitted?
What Reasonable Conclusions Are Possible?

In successfully accomplishing this case analysis, it will be important to:

1) Extract the lessons of the Apple case as updated. Here you should consider the 10 critical-thinking questions found in Browne & Keeley/
2) Present evidence whether Apple uses any of the topics named in the second "bullet" in the assignment. Be succinct, as your readership will likely be busy with other things and can devote only a limited time to reading your ideas, no matter how good they are. Here you might think in terms of about a 3) three-to-five page analysis (including the executive summary), to include the 3) case updating that you must provide.

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