Jul 20, 2017

Anto Raphael Mengs and Theodore Gericault

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Anto Raphael Mengs and Theodore Gericault



SLP Assignment Expectations

The outcomes for this Session Long Project include introducing some information about how the social, political, or religious history influenced the art or artist you have chosen to reflect on. You must chose a different artist or artwork from those presented in the Case Assignment. Your reflection should identify some of the typical values and characteristics of Neo-Classical and/or Romanticist art. This information should, ultimately, serve to inform your own personal reaction to the artwork and/or the artist. You have the opportunity to make connections between your own personal interests and the concepts you are learning. You have more freedom to engage with particular issues are of interest to you. However, your engagement must reflect the research and background information you have read for the course module. Make sure to include the image itself or a link to it in your text.

Paper should be, at least, two pages in length, not including images or references.


Anto Raphael Mengs and Theodore Gericault Insert name: Institutional affiliation: Due date: Introduction Neoclassicism and romanticism are two distinct movements whose ages span between the late 18th and 19th centuries. Within this era, neoclassicism emerged first followed by Romantic Movement. Both movements developed across Western Europe, United States and Eastern Europe. On one hand, this paper aims to examine neoclassical art and artist, and on the other hand it aims to study romantic art and artist. Anto Raphael Mengs A new European movement evolved across the continent in the late 18th century. Famously regarded as neoclassical art, it developed as a reaction to the exaggeration of baroque art and also as a reaction to the superficiality of Rococo style. Neoclassic art was inspired by the values of roman and Greek culture and art, and was influenced by the discovery of the remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum (1738-50). Faroult, Leribault and Scherf (2011) present that whereas all these took place; Anto Raphael Mengs (1728-79) developed a mutual relationship with Johann Joachim Winkelmann (a German art historian). It was through Winckelmann that Mengs obtained commission to work on his mural painting Parnassus (1761) for Cardinal Alessandro Albani. Mengs incorporated classical sculptures into his works. He was famously identified as the German Raphael. He migrated to Italy and lived his artistic career in Rome, though he was also committed in Sa...

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