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Annual Report Analysis for Coke and Pepsi

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Annual Report Analysis for Coke and Pepsi

Hi, is there someone with a strong Fin. accounting background who has probably completed a report like this one-who can help me with this project? Thanks

Financial Accounting

Annual Report Project
Choose two companies that are in the same industry to analyze for your final project(not Google or Yahoo, MSN, AOL).
The companies you choose must be domestic rather than foreign companies.
Next obtain a copy of each company`s most recent annual report (if the annual report is not available, you may use the company`s annual 10-k). On the company`s website look for "About the Company" and then look for the "Investors" section. You should be able to find the annual report under the investors section. To find the 10-k visit http://www.sec.gov/, click "Search the EDGAR Database", and search using the company name.
Consolidate the information in the company`s report to produce a five to ten page document of your own. Your report should include:
? A description of each company`s progress in the last year.
? A spreadsheet(s) with a horizontal and vertical analysis and all the ratios you deem relevant, as well as your interpretation of each ratio and its importance in your final assessment of the financial viability of each company.
? At least 2 charts in support of the spreadsheet or written material for each company.
See examples of horizontal analysis and vertical analysis.
See financial accounting text/s for samples of the types of charts you can create for use in your paper.
Here is a list of ratios that you may want to include in your analysis:

Return on assets
Cash return on assets
Profit margin
Current ratio
Working capital
Profit margin
Asset turnover
Return on assets
Debt to equity
Return on equity
Financing period
Inventory turnover
Days` inventory on hand
Receivables turnover
Days` receivable
Payables turnover
Days` payable
Free cash flow
Interest coverage
Dividend yield
Price/earnings (P/E)
Return on equity
Basic earnings per share
Diluted earnings per share
Book value per share
Cash flow yield
Cash flow to sales
Cash flow to assets
Free cash flow
Incorporate the ratios you have learned to determine the fiscal health of each organization. Remember that no one ratio can determine financial health, so you may use prior year information as well as comparison data between the two companies to support your findings. You may also use information from outside financial analysts such as MSN money or Morningstar to validate/support your conclusions and recommendations
Formatting is important and you are expected to present the information in an attractive manner. A title page and a table of contents lends to the organization of the paper. The document must be double-spaced and professionally prepared (i.e., using basic APA style and/or www.isiresearchsoft.com for bibliographic formatting resources), spell-checked, clearly organized, and clearly summarized, with accurate citations for all referenced work. A corporate logo for each company at the beginning of the document would be a nice touch.
You may only use Microsoft Word or Excel to develop your paper. Papers submitted in a .pdf format are also acceptable.

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